Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Daily Trivia #526 Filling the void

No connects this time...just a bunch of questions.

1. These were the top 10 finalists for what? The blackened-out question mark is the famous winning entry.

2. Simple one. What is this plane called?
3. ID this famous Mumbai entrepreneur or ID his business. The stuff in the pic are great hints for his venture.
4. This country's flag is kept strikingly similar to another country because its people believe the other country is indebted for testing a nuclear bomb on its land. Which two countries are we talking about?

5. Goa, Mysore, Kaziranga, Jaisalmer, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Angadipuram, Shillong
ID the list of venues. Not in order.


  1. 1 : Human Rights logo...
    2 : Ed Force One....
    3 : Raghunandan Kamath...
    5 : Dewarists...

  2. logo for human rights:::the blue dove...
    ed boeing 747
    Natural Icecreams!!! (coconut flavor is a FAV)
    The DEWARISTS locations!

  3. 1) shortlisted logos by Human Rights Comm.
    2)Ed Force One
    3)Raghunandan Kamath of Ourtimes Ice Creams.
    4) Venues of The Dewarists. @SRAMOS...tumhare kaam ka ques hai.

  4. 1. Human Rights logo... The winning entry was by Predrag Stakic
    2. Ed Force One
    3. Raghunandan Kamath of Natural Ice Creams
    4. Slovenia and Russia
    5. ?


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