Friday, February 10, 2012

BIT Mesra & Marchahead presents MYSTIQUE!

We nurtured a dream for almost 3 years...waiting for the right opportunity, but mostly being lazy. :P But, we think the time has come to bring forth all our ideas that we have kept hidden for so long. We proudly present:
The Online Cryptic Treasure Hunt

For those who are unaware, an online cryptic treasure hunt is a sort of a game, that tests trivia, puzzle solving and lateral thinking. Mystique has 30 levels of questions/puzzles that one needs to solve by entering the answer  in a box and move ahead till you solve all the levels. The difficulty obviously rises with each passing level and it then expands to include ciphers, hidden hints, URL changes, clues hidden in images, files and video.
Mystique launches at 8PM IST on 24th February 2012 @

We've partnered with Marchahead to design the levels. They're the creators of the super-succesful Cryptex 1, 2, 3 and 4 which was played by thousands of people across the world!
Mystique is a part of our annual fest Bitotsav and its the first time it is being hosted out here. But, the response it has gotten till now is phenomenal. 290 registrations from 57 colleges are done as I am typing this post and with 2 weeks still to go, this should cross 500.

Everyone here in Team Mystique is so bloody excited! We can't wait for it to start. Please register and play Mystique. We're sure you'll have an amazing time cracking the levels! Oh, and lets not forget the glorious prize money of Rs. 10k at stake for all this. Februrary doesnt get better than this!

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