Tuesday, August 7, 2012


the review of the TATA Crucible quiz, corporate edition reviewed by oue very own SLR (ashenyor)-

"The most colossal and respected of all Business Quizzes, Tata Crucible Corporate quiz series was kick-started with a finger-gripping competition and an absolutely nail-biting finish here, at The Utsav, BNR Chanakya, Ranchi.
The Tatas have always have that special little thing when it comes to quizzes in Jharkhand and they revered it big time in the Ranchi edition. First time ever they experimented with a venue as elaborate ar the BNR Chanakya, the Railways Heritage Hotel and it proved to be an instant success. Pickbrain Giri, the ever-venturer quizmaster of the Tata Crucible quizzes since its inception was at his best as he plundered through the quiz with the piquant ease of humor and razor sharp logics, as have always been his trademarks!
The format of the quiz this year, has been decided to be kept under folds for all the cities so as to equalize the brunt of expect-the-unexpected phenomenon that was only exclusive to the city the Crucible started with in all the antecedent editions.
Being the only girl (or an only girls team) present in an auditorium full of battling business quizzers is now becoming a feeling I am getting quite used to. Nonetheless, one couldn't help feeling a familiar sweep of pride engulfing oneself. The winners were a remarkable team from the Rourkela Steel Plant, who already made it to the country finales in the precedent years, snatching the turkey from under the nose of the 2 teams dominating the scoreboard for a major part of the quiz. One of those teams, and the runners-up, was an extremely experienced duo from SAIL Ranchi. The other was a young dynamic team fresh out of college, from ITC Patna. It was really a sight to savor, watching the Costello's challenge the Vivid Bhartis of the Indian Business Quizzing! We ourselves ended up in the no-credit second runners-up position! The audience questions comprised of some of Pickbrain's jewels and the onlookers were a really competent lot too...
The prize money of the finale this year has been increased by a whopping 1 lakh bucks from the earlier one being that of 4 lakh rupees citing an ironic trivia by the Pickbrain itself that the prize money of the Crucibles have always gone up whenever India faced a financial recession, thus imparting a significant perk to the brains of the country in times of flailing economy!
The event was concluded with another amusing coincidence when the one of the teammates of the winning team revealed an injured upper arm and Giri pointed out something similar happening in the Ranchi edition last year too. So folks! If you happen to be in Ranchi around the Crucible months and injure yourself, you know where to head out on a cloudy, dewy Saturday morning to brainfeed with chicken soup!!"

Congrats to her for securing 3rd position in this event!!!

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