Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Daily Trivia #573 A little lighter

1. Earlier this oval shaped chunk of kevlar on the chest of this person was colored so as to lure enemies into shooting that area and fooling them. With the advent of new technology the oval started to look lame and useless thus the amount of kevlar used increased in area and in recent renditions this person has access to complete bulletproof protection. What are we talking about here? (3/5)


3. Again connect(not very direct this time) (4/5):


ketan vatsalya said...

1.Batsymbol on the Batsuit

2.A)In the movie preston waters pretends to work for " Macintosh ",a fictional millionaire named after his PC.
B)In the radiohead album many of the songs were synthesized on the "macintosh" computer using simple-text and speech-recognition. Leander Kahney went on to suggest that it was an homage to Macintosh computers.

3."Strowger" switch was invented by A.B. Strowger who was an "undertaker".
The switch is "telephone switching system", and telephones were invented by "Graham bell", who also founded "Bell labs".

Conquistador said...

1. Batman's batsuit

Conquistador said...

3. Almon Strowger... He was an underatker who invented the Strowger switch, the first automatic switching system. His company, Automatic Electric Co. was a direct competitor of American Bell Telephone

Priyanka Prasad said...

1. batman????
3.Almon Brown Strowger: undertaker of bell systems and patented the automatic telephone technique

mrinalr said...

1st question:
Batman logo on batsuit.
2nd Question:
In the movie Blank Cheque, a macintosh is used to print the blank cheque.
The opening track "Airbag"was edited with a macintosh.
3rd Question:
Almon Brown Strowger
He worked as an undertaker before inventing the Strowger Switch(3rd pic).
He sold his invention to Bell Labs who further modified it.

Priyanka Prasad said...

2. macintosh?????
the drum track of ok computer was edited in macintosh and Preston writes himself a check for $1,000,000 by printing it on his Apple Macintosh Performa 600 computer in the movie blank check

achalnorris said...

1. Batsuit XD
3. Almon Brown Strowger. He was an undertaker and his patent Strowger switch was sold to Bell Systems.

Anonymous said...

1. Batman
2. Macintosh

Honey Ras said...

the blank check manufactured by the computer in the movie blank check
strowger switch patent was sold to the canadian bell phone company...strowger switch was manifested by an irritated undertaker almon strowger...

DJ said...

1. Batsuit
2. the apple text to speech converter
half points for macintosh
3. almon strowger

menezes said...

hey it was me who posted with the name of life lover but den tried to change my name and it got posted as anonymous in #573 sorry for the trouble but it would be gr8 if u wud consider my points in the leaderboard and i wont change my name now....:P

AgentProvocateur said...

@menezes: We would give you points but that changes everyone's scores. Next time buddy. :)

DJ said...

@menezes: you would have scored 8 points on this one if it would have been counted

menezes said...

ohk no problem and thanx neways...:)

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