Thursday, September 6, 2012

Daily Trivia #574 Wopam Sangam Style !

1. Connect. (3/5)

2.  Q didn't speak much about M, but he did give the following analogies :

Length of M (in years) :  Take a 16 cubic miles sized cube. Put a mustard seed in it every century. It will be filled before a  M ends.
Number of Ms : Calculate the total number of grains of silt in ganges' bed along its entire length. The number you will get will be less than the no. of Ms that have passed.

Who is Q ? What is M ?   (2/5)

3. Cryptic connect. (4/5)










menezes said...

2. Q is Buddha
and M is Kalpa meaning an aeon, or a relatively long period of time (by human calculation) in Hindu and Buddhist cosmology.

Conquistador said...

1. The Chiranjeevi- Seven Immortals- Hanuman, Parashuram, Kripacharya, Bali, Vibhishan, Ashwatthama and Vyasa

Cpt. Sparky said...

1) Immortals. Kripacharaya, Hanuman,Parshuram, Bali, Vibhishana, Ved Vyas and so on.

2)Q is Buddha and M is Para.

Conquistador said...

2. Q= Gautam Buddha
M= Mahayuga

Conquistador said...

3. Connect is Lord Ram
These are all events in his life- Born at Ayodhya, Vanvas, Meeting sugreev and his army, burning of lanka, the war with ravana, sita and her sons luv and kush

Prashant Gupta said...

1. Chiranjeevins
(Hindu Mythology, Seven Immortals)

Prashant Gupta said...

1. Hanuman

achalnorris said...

1. Ashwatthama.
He was the son of Dronacharya and Kripacharya's sister.
Pradeep Rawat played the role of Ashwatthama in Mahabharatha.
He had the knowledge of Brahmastra
(Brahmastra is related to Parashuram).

2. The star and sand puzzle?

(Ayodhya,Vanvaas,Vaanarsena,fire in Lanka,war,single mother Sita)
that too in chronological order. Well done!

Honey Ras said...

3.) the ramayana saga...
shree rama is born
in ayodhya
vanvaas he is sent to
meets the vaanar sena
one of who sangam is a particularly ardent fan of burns the golden city lanka
fights a war with the great raavana himself
has twins luv n kush

Honey Ras said...

q=gautam buddha

menezes said...

avatars of vishnu??

Priyanka Prasad said...

1. the seven chiranjeevis:
vyasa, pashurama,bali, vibhishana,hanuman, ashwattamaand and kripa

Honey Ras said...

the 7 immortals:
bali (vaaman avtar ek mayajaal the)
ashwathama (ghajini ek mayajaal tha)
vibhishana (shriram bhi mayajaal the)

menezes said...

may be ramayan??
the vanar sena
fire in lanka
babri mosque(again in connection with ramayana)

Priyanka Prasad said...

2.Q is buddha and M is kalpa

Priyanka Prasad said...

3. seven tandavas???

Cpt. Sparky said...

3) A Veryyyyyyy Wild Guess!!
This might be the story of Ramayana depicted in pictures. The baby Ram born at Ram Janambhoomi, Sent into exile to the forests where he meets Apes(or chimps if u prefer). Lanka Dehan by one of the famous apes. A War ensues. In the end, Ram wins but then Sita is left to her fate with two kids, turning it into essentially a single parent family. My theory is Crazy but is it crazy enough too be true??

ketan vatsalya said...

*Ghajini- AR murugadoss -> Chiranjeevi(actor)


3.Jusin Bieber?(That's the best I got).

sadiya said...

1. Chiranjivi?
All 7 pictures are of the 7 chiranjeevis.

sadiya said...

3. Ramayana
Birth of rama in Ayodhya(Babri Mosque)--> Vanvaas--> Hanuman--> Fire in Lanka--> Rama kills Ravana--> Sita sent into exile again where she delivered her two sons.

Abhishek Kumar said...

Jai Parashuram !

the answers :

1. The seven chiranjeevis of hindu mythology. The following mantra is said to give long life and good luck if recited everyday :

"Ashwathaama Balir Vyaso Hanumanash cha Vibhishana Krupacharya cha Parashuramam Saptaita Chiranjeevanam"

so live long and prosper. :P :)

2. q=gautam buddha

3. The seven chapters (kands) of the epic RAMAYANA :
1. bala kand
2. ayodhya kand
3. aranya kand ( aranya = forest)
4. kishkindha kand ( where rama meets with the vanaras)
5. sundar kand ( lanka dahan etc)
6. Yudha kand
7. uttara kand

hence the 7 numbered images. everyone came close (full marks given for that)..but this is what i had in mind.

finally, good work everyone ! :)

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