Monday, September 10, 2012

Daily Trivia #577 This Thing of Ours

The term 'X' may have its origin in the Arabic word for 'shunned' or 'exiled'. However, roughly translated from its native language, it may mean 'swagger' or 'bravado'. A popular theory suggests that it is an acronym for what would translate as "Death to the French, Italy Onwards'. However, this idea is largely discarded as hearsay. Over a long time, this term has been associated with people belonging to a particular organisation, who consider it to mean 'men of pride'. 

X has been a regular staple of Hollywood. Books of historical importance have been written about X.  Iconic characters, both real and fictional have emerged out of X. The term has been  so cliched, that although it refers to people from a particular region in Europe; it has been used for any type of people who form any sort of coterie. So much so that, there may be a Land X, a Coal X, a Media X, a Mumbai X and even a Liquor X.

What is X? 



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