Monday, September 17, 2012

Daily trivia #581 The darkness inside

Connect (4/5):


  1. all are related to Dexter- the TV series- the ice truck killer, boyd fowler, miguel prado (miami ada), the trinity killer...

  2. the parchment is a reference to the Bible- an inspiration for the doomsday killer, the cowboy girls are a reference to the barrel girls case with the villains as "The Group"...

  3. Eric Clapton??? Everytime i see pattie boyd this is the answer I find. :|

  4. the answer is dexter(tv series)
    the pics depict the main villain theme of the 6 seasons
    1. ice truck killer
    2. layla
    3. ada miguel prado
    4. trinity
    5. girl in barrel
    6. doomsday killer


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