Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Entertainment Quiz, Pantheon 2012.

Here are the question put up in the Entertainment quiz, Pantheon 2012.
Please note that most of the questions in the Prelims and some in Mains were audio-visual in nature. Hence the slide-share version of them won't play out here.

The Prelims (with answers) :

Prelims from Birla Institute of Technology

Audio-Visual questions :
1. Anup Jalota singing the last verse of Hanuman Chalisa.
2. Opening theme of the animated series X-Men.
11. Retro montage from Doordarshan.
12. Fan made opening theme to support the clues given.
13. Morgan Freeman's narration of Andy Dufferense's escape from shawshank prison.
14. Thrilling cuts from a famous movie.
17. Opening credits of  'Bharat ek Khoj'. (video really not that necessary).
19. 3 minute clip of a movie.
20. An old fevicol add featuring the person of interest.
21. Video of song 'hey beautiful' by 'the solids'.

The Mains :

Round one : Straight.

straight from Birla Institute of Technology

Audio-Visual questions :
1. Opening scene of the movie "garden state".
6. Old Complan add featuring two oder day celebrities.

Round 2 : Minimal Posters. 

three clues from Birla Institute of Technology

Audio Visual clues :
1. clue one : video of song 'chalte chalte, mere ye geet yaad rakhna, kabhi alvida na kehna..'.
    clue three :  song mumbai nagariya, from movie 'taxi 9211'.
2. clue one : opening theme of the show.
3. clue three : video of song 'muh kala, muqabla' from movie 'hamse hai muqabla'.
4. clue three : parody of the voice of the person.

Round 4 : Long connect.

long connect from Birla Institute of Technology

Audio visual clues :
Connect no. 2 : first clue - voice of samuel l jackon from movie pulp fiction.(ezekiel 25:17)
                        second clue : clip from movie 'home alone - 3' featuring a young 'scarlett johannsen'.

Finally, the intro to the quiz (a similar one had been used in bitotsav entertainment quiz as well.)

The quiz was a level lower in terms of relative difficulty level of the questions asked. It was aimed at being Entertaining. Hopefully, the objective was achieved.

**Inputs, comments, suggestions will be very helpful and highly appreciated.

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