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Review : General Quiz, Pantheon 2012.

General Quiz
Pantheon 2012
Birla Institute of Technology
Mesra, Ranchi.

September 30, 2012
Venue : CAT
Time : 1600 hours to 1730 hours.

Quizmaster :  Pranshumaan Singh  (Agent Provocateur)

The General quiz was a part of the the annual fest of BIT, Mesra and was conducted by QBIT (Unesquo).
Due to power problems, the quiz began later than the scheduled time. But there onwards it was a smooth sailing and what followed was a great evening of 'quriosity quenching' quizzing.

 The total number of teams that turned up was approximately  50.
This quiz, with respect to the conventional ones, had some changes. Firstly, one team was given wild card entry into the Mains as a reward for topping the leader board of the Qbit blog. The other five teams for the Mains were chosen through the Prelims.

The Prelims (with answers) :

Prelims from abhisheksatanic

The surprise. The six teams on stage were made aware that the quiz was going to be knock out, i.e. after each of the first three rounds, one team would be knocked out.

The first round of the mains was the Rapid fire round. Two sets of questions were put forward. All teams had to attempt simultaneosly by writing there answers on a sheet of paper as question slides moved 'rapidly'.
Here's the Rapid Fire round (both sets combine, with answers) :


Rapid fire (with answers) from abhisheksatanic

The team of Shikhar Atri and Milan Pandey (2k10) were eliminated after this round.

Next round was straight question in the infinite bounce pattern.
The questions were as follows :

Infinite Bounce from abhisheksatanic 

Team 'OYE !' (Kaushik MLN and Saumya Bora, 2k12) ka safar iss round ke sath samapt ho gya. But it was not before they had given some amazing answers and it was very pleasant to see this first year team making it to the mains. I am sure we will see a lot more from them in the future.

The next knock out round  Dry Run. Straight question to each team.
The Dry Run round :

Dry run from abhisheksatanic

The team that got the wildcard entry had to be eliminated. Utsav Giri and Vivek (2k11) is another pair of very promising team and they are among the most active participants of the Daily Trivia. Well done ! Conquistador and Predator0.

With three teams remaining, the last two rounds played the part of deciding the positions. No elimination was done here onwards.

Pick Your Poison Round :

Pick your poison from abhisheksatanic

This was followed by the final round Long Connect :

Long connect from abhisheksatanic

With this the quiz was concluded. The standing were as follows :

First:  Aditya Tyagi and Ketan Vatsalya (2k10)
Second:  Tanay Thakur and Naman Sharan (2k10)
Third:  Vishesh and Saurabh Bhagat

Congratulations to all of them.
The quiz was keenly contested and we got to see many amazing answers, not only from the teams on stage, but the audience as well; especially, two guys (i m unsure about their names), sitting in different parts of the auditorium, but giving equally great answers and winning major part of the audience prize chocolates.
This is to thank everyone who turned up for the quiz. The prelims was closer than we anticipated. A lot of teams narrowly missed the spot on the stage.
All things in purview, it doesnt matter how many questions you answered on that day, but the fact that you shall be you shall certainly be answering more in the it was said in the intro to the quiz.

A vote of thanks to all team members ;
Pranshumaan Singh (Agent Provocateur), this quiz being totally designed and framed by him with valuable inputs from :
Rahul Anand (kaka)
Raikom Terang (kela)
Achal Gupta (achalnorris)
Debjit Roy (DJ)  <though he coudnt be present, his contribution is immense.>

The End ?
Quizzing Qontinues.

May the 'zing' be with you.
Abhishek Kumar (Sangam)

**comments, suggestion and other inputs will be highly helpful and most welcome.

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