Friday, October 12, 2012

Review : The Harry Potter Quiz

The Harry Potter Quiz
October 11, 2012
Venue : LH-1
Time : 1630-1830 hours.

The idea about a Harry Potter quiz had been floating around for almost a year. October 11 finally saw it happen. And like it is with Harry Potter, it was an enchanting evening.

Good response. More so from the fairer sex, as anticipated. Also, many new faces came up. Close to 50 teams participated in the prelims.

There were a few minor glitches before the quiz, like every time. The PA system of LH was out of order, so we had to rely on the strong voice of Debjit Roy and speakers (for laptops).
The quiz began with an intro prepared by Aditya Tyagi.

This was followed by the Prelims. The prelims were high scoring. They consisted of 25 questions. The highest qualifying marks being 21.5 . The cut-off was 16.5 where many teams were tied. The star marked questions came into play and we had our six finalists for the day.

The PRELIMS (with answers) :

Prelims from Abhishek 

The six finalists were :
Tanay Thakur and Rahul Anand
Navneeta Mahanty and Priyanka Prasad
Riddhi Roy and Abhipriya
Anshul Gadiya and Mrinal Ranjan
Prakhar Raghuvanshi and Apoorva Kumar
Deepanjana Gupta and Pratyusha Sharon Kumar

 The mains consisted of four rounds. Each of those rounds (with answers) are as follows :

Straight Questions Round :

Straight Round from Abhishek 

The Connect Round :

Connect from Abhishek 

The Lists Round :

List from Abhishek 

The Long Connect Round :

Long connect from Abhishek 

The quiz was well contested and different teams were leading at different points of time in the quiz. The audience too gave a lot of amazing answers. We actually ran out of chocolates to be given as audience prizes. If not for the Gamp's Law, I could have tried transfiguring chocolates out of thin air.

The winners of the day were :

1st : Tanay Thakur and Rahul Anand
2nd : Riddhi Roy and Abhipriya
3rd : Anshul Gadia and Mrinal Ranjan

Congratulations to them, all the finalists, and everyone else who helped us live the story we love, yet again !

The magic lives on.
Of course, all of this happened in our heads;...but why should it ever mean that it wasn't real ? ;)

Well, another show well put up and executed with satisfaction.
Special thanks to Sneha Laxmi Roy. 97.29 % of the mains was her research and hardwork.
And to Pranshuman Singh, Debjit Roy, Rahul Anand, Achal Gupta, Aditya Tyagi and Ketan Vatsalya.

And to YOU, if you have stuck with Harry (or Hermione for that matter) and QBIT until the very end.

Quizzing Qontinues.
Abhishek (Sangam)

**comments, suggestions, brickbats and bouquets are most welcome and will be highly appreciated.


Tanuj Baru said...

Lovely quiz. Had fun going through it.

Honey Ras said...

Researchers say 97.29% of the statistics are made on the spot!
Thus, Sangam n everyone else's work n enthu = Marks scored by Hermione in Muggle Studies!

    Random Posts...!!!