Tuesday, November 20, 2012

For Mechies

"You can take me away from quizzes but you cant take quizzing away from me." 
I should have told my boss this. Away from  the drudgery of office,I came up with questions that were spontaneous in the periphery of my thoughts .This is an ode to my profession and that of many other BIT Mechies.Enough of self glorification from my side.Here are the questions

1)Who is this person who has played a steering role in automobiles?
2) This genius has a category of alloys named after him. The alloys have a special property and are used 
in a lot of mechanical components.

3) This engineer from FoMoCo had a lot to do with suspension systems in automobiles.Who is he?


Conquistador said...

1. Ackerman
2. Isaac Babbitt
3. McPherson
Great to see a question for mechies... :)

Nightstalker said...

Rudolph Ackerman
Isaac Babbitt
Earle S. Macpherson

Anonymous said...

1. Rudolph ackerman
2.issac babbit
3.earle S. macpherson


ali said...

1-Rudolph Ackermann - Ackermann steering geometry.
2-Isaac Babbitt - Babbitt Metal.
3-Earl s Macpherson - macpherson strut.

VK Handa said...

1.Rudolf Ackermann
2.Issac Babbitt
3.Earle S Macpherson

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