Saturday, January 26, 2013

Knowledge and Wisdom

I have reached a stage where I tend to question the very purpose of questions.
When I see people discussing facts and figures with great pontification
and especially the rabble rousing debates on prime time TV especially where Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar
tries to belittle the opposite speaker by resorting to such menial expressions as
"Mr. X has lost his marbles and is on his way to senility",I am forced to question the meaning of "intellectual".
We all may have encountered that bright spark who knows it all,but is too vain to accept his/her mistake
and show little humility and at the same time we may also have encountered people who know it all but come across as extremely humble.
So what is the difference between knowledge and wisdom.The latter people in my opinion are the wise ones,for the wise ones know that you never can know too much.After all you dont know what you dont know.

Here is a lovely article by the philosopher who's photograph is shown below.

No brownie points for naming this philosopher as the hyperlink reveals the answer.

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