Monday, February 25, 2013

The M.E.L.A. Quiz : Review

The MELA Quiz

Genesis '13
Date: February 23, 2013
Venue: LH-1

Quizmasters: Vishesh Srivastava & Sourabh Bhagat

The MELA (music, entertainment, literature and arts) was the first quiz of the fest GENESIS organised by UNESQUO. The quiz consisted of a written prelims. Six qualifiers took it up in the mains. The rounds (slides along with answers) were as follows:


Prelims from Abhishek Kumar

The six qualifiers were as follows:
Rohit Chakraborty & Mayank Sinha (2k12)
Dhriti Nadir & Shruti Mazumdar (2k12)
Yash Raj Khusro & Shobhit Narain (2k12) 

Saumya Bora & Aishwarya Mishra (2k12) 
Pratik Mishra & Waquar Ahmad (2k10) 
Kanishka Ganguly & Vishesh Dokaniya (2k11)

(Ketan Vatsalya & Aditya Tyagi (2k10) were also amongst the qualifiers but they gave up their place in order to let the upcomings quizzers get extra bites on the apple.)

The mains comprised of four rounds:

1. The Genesis round : seven questions with the first letter of each answer spelling out the word GENESIS.

Genesis round from Abhishek Kumar

2. Infinite Bounce

Infinite bounce from Abhishek Kumar

3. Parody Round : Various famous paintings are depicted in parody form using the Simpsons. Identify the original art of work.

Parody round from Abhishek Kumar

4. Visual Round

Visual round from Abhishek Kumar

The final standings were as follows:

1st: Saumya Bora & Aishwarya Mishra (2k12) - 135
2nd: Pratik Mishra & Waquar Ahmad (2k10) - 90
3rd: Kanishka Ganguly & Vishesh Dokaniya (2k11) - 85

4th: Rohit Chakraborty & Mayank Sinha (2k12) - 80
5th: Dhriti Nadir & Shruti Mazumdar (2k12) - 65
6th: Yash Raj Khusro & Shobhit Narain (2k12) - 35

Congratulations to them.
An all girls team taking away the quiz (with a good margin) and lots of new and eager participants: both were a very welcome sight.
This quiz was prepared totally by the people of the next batch who would be assuming control of things at Qbit soon. It was a job well done.
Special thanks to Vishesh Srivastava, Sourabh Bhagat and Sneha Laxmi Roy for the extra efforts and everyone else who was a part of it.


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