Friday, May 24, 2013

#11 Connect Mania 2

a.) Connect (3/5)

b) Connect (4/5)


Dipesh Gogia said...

a)Atomic Models
Dalton model (Billiard Ball Model) Thomson model (Plum Pudding Model) Lewis model (Cubical Atom Model) Nagaoka model (Saturnian Model)

b) Metallica

Hippes_They're_Everywhere said...

1. Classical atomic models.
i) Dalton's Billiard Ball Model
ii) J.J. Thompson's Plum Pudding Model.
iii) Gilbert Lewis' Cubical Model
iv) Hantaro Nagaoka's Saturn Model.

2. Metallica.
Songs inspired by respective works:
i) Creeping Death
ii) Sanitarium
iii) One

jaivardhan shivam said...

a: all are atomic models
dalton's billiard ball model
thompson's plum pudding model
lewis' cubical atom model
nagaoka's saturnian model
b:metallica songs based on the following movies-
Sanitarium was based on "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest"
Creeping Death was about "The Ten Commandments"
One based on "Johnny Got His Gun"

Mayank Sinha said...

Ans 1)
The early atomic models

Mayank Sinha said...

Ans 2)
The connection is Metallica

Ans 1)
Was already commented by still am,answering again is
The early Atomic models

Conquistador said...

1. They were all proposed models of the atom.
2. All have inspired Metallica songs
The Ten Commandments- Creeping Death
One Flew..- Sanitarium
Johnny got his gun- One

Shashwat Goel said...

1. Objects to which atoms were compared to during preliminary atomic studies.

2. Metallica songs inspired by books/movies

Vishesh Shrivastava said...

Answers :

a) Early Atomic Models
Dalton's Billiard Ball model
Thompson's Plum Pudding model
Lewis' Cubical Atom model
Nagaoka's Saturnian model

b) Metallica songs were inspired by these works.
The Ten Commandments - Creeping Death
One Flew - Sanitarium
Johnny Got his Gun - One

anupama said...

1)all erstwhile proposed models of the atom
1. dalton's billiard ball model
2. thompson's plum pudding model
3. cube model
4. saturn or planetary model

2) all have been themes for metallica songs
creeping death , sanitarium and one

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