Monday, May 27, 2013

#12 'Man of Skill'

Connect (4/5)

(Somewhat cryptic)


Hippes_They're_Everywhere said...

Christopher Lee.

1. Voice acted in Kingdom Hearts games.
2. Gave the voice for Jabberwocky
3. Played Count Dracula in Hammer Horror films.

Dipesh Gogia said...

Christopher Lee

Mayank Sinha said...

Christopher Lee is the connection
Acted as Dracula
Voiced Jabberwocky
Vocals in the album Charlemagne:By the Sword and the Cross

anupama said...

Sir Christopher Lee

voice in kingdom of hearts 358/2 (video game)
Voiced the jabberwocky
played count dracula

Conquistador said...

Christopher Lee

Vishesh Shrivastava said...

Answer - Chirstopher Lee

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