Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's a mixed bag!!! RATING(4/5)

1.Connect the four brands

 2.Connect the personalities

3.What is common to these three companies


Rishabh Gupta said...

Ans 1- Sponsors of Cricket World cup
Ans 2- All have been nominated to Cannes Film Festival Jury at some point of time
Ans 3- All of them are named after greek god and goddesses

Dipesh Gogia said...

1.World cup trophies
The Prudential Cups trophy were awarded to the winners of the World Cup from 1975-1983 when Prudential plc was the primary sponsors,1987 (Reliance World Cup sponsored by Reliance Industries), 1992 (Benson and Hedges Cup, sponsored by Benson and Hedges) and 1996 (Wills World Cup, sponsored by Wills)

2 Sharmila Tagore,Shekhar Kapoor have been apart of Cannes Film Festival jury,Vidya Balan will be a part of the jury this year

3 Apollo,nike,pandora all greek gods

Mayank Sinha said...

1. All were the sponsors of the Cricket World Cup
2. They all have been or will be Cannes Jury
3. Company names based on Greek Gods

Mayank Sinha said...

To be more correct technically
1.The companies have been title sponsors of the Cricket World Cup
2.Shekhar Kapur and Sharmila Tagore have been Cannes Judges
Vidya Balan will be this year
3.Greek Gods, Apollo, Nike and Pandora

Vivek Verma said...

1. They have sponsored World Cup Cricket tournaments.

2. They have been part of jury at Cannes Film Festival. Sharmila Tagore, Shekhar Kapoor and Vidya Balan.

3. APPLE Computers

Apple is trying to launch a Pandora like Internet Radio.

Apple + Nike workout feature.

Apollo is a free browser for iPhone and iPad.

jaivardhan shivam said...

1.all have been title sponsor of cricket world cup.
reliance world cup(1987)
prudential world cup(1975)
wills world cup(1996)
B&H world cup(1992)
2.all three have been a part of jury at Cannes film festival
sharmila tagore(2009)
shekhar kapur(2010)
vidya balan(2013)
3.the names of all the three companis are derived from greek mythology
pandora:first mortal woman
apollo:god of light and the sun
nike: Winged Goddess of Victory

achalnorris said...

Cricket World Cup Trophies- 1975 (Prudential Cup trophy),1987(Reliance Cup trophy), 1992(Benson and Hedges cup trophy),1996(Wills Cup trophy)

Cannes Jury members

Hippes_They're_Everywhere said...

1. Names of the Cricket World Cup Trophy before it was called the ICC World Cup.

2. Indians part of the Cannes jury.

3. All 3 named after gods in Greek mythology?

Shashwat Goel said...


Cricket World Cup sponsors before ICC was formed

Prudential - 1983
Reliance - 1987
Benson & Hedges - 1992
Wills - 1996

Members of Jury at this year's Cannes film festival

all 3 promote tennis in India

anupama said...

1.) all the brands have been sponsors of the cricket world cup in the past

2.) all the three personalities have been ( vidya balan will be) on the cannes film festival jury

Akanksha Singh said...

2.All 3 have been part of cannes' jury.
3.The three companies have names associated with greek mythology.

asaCReh said...

1. Cricket World Cups....(Prudential has to be the favourite one!!!)

2. all have been/will be member of Cannes jury.

Conquistador said...

1. All have sponsored cricket world cups
2. All have been part of the Cannes jury
3. All have derived their names from characters in Greek mythology

@SRamOS said...

1. Cricket World Cup Trophy
2. cannes jury member
3. Greek God and goddess.

waquar said...

1.all have been cricket world cup sponsers
prudential-upto 1983
2.indians who have been part of the cannes jury
3.companies named after greek gods and goddesses

Vivek Verma said...

pandora was not a goddess if i am not mistaken..

waquar said...

slight correction
for the 3rd part the answer would be that all the companies derive their name from greek mythological characters.'pandora' wasnt a goddess.

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