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 V. Sreenivasan is married to Mallika Sreenivasan. While Mallika is the chairperson of Chennai based farm equipments manufacturing company A. V. Sreenivasan heads B, the only two wheeler company in the world to win the prestigious Deming Prize. Their daughter Lakshmi who is one of the directors at his father’s firm is engaged to Rohan who is the son of C & D. C has come up with Catamaran Venture Capital Fund after stepping down as CEO of the company E he founded.

 E was founded by C along with F and five other software professionals using  250$ as the initial capital, most of which was borrowed from his wife D. D is famous for being the first woman engineer to be selected at G for which she had written a letter  complaining why only male candidates were called for the interview to the chairman of the company Mr. H.

 Mr. H is known for being the only businessman in the country so far to be awarded country’s highest civilian award I. Though he was the chairman of his business group J for 50 years he is known for being the head of K for 25 years, a company which was founded by him as L but was later turned into a government company by the Morarji Desai government.

 The company G which initially had a collaboration with M for its commercial vehicle venture. Later on, it came up with the first indigenously built car N in India. The business group J consists of about 114 companies and is presently headed by O who holds a B.S. degree in architecture from Cornell University.

 Phaneesh Murthy who was one of the directors at E (which was India’s first company to be listed on P, world’s first electronic stock exchange) before being sacked due to sexual harassment charges presently heads Q which  recently bought a majority stake in the company R of which C and F were a part of before founding E. The logo of Q is inspired from the cross section of a petrified wood 225 million years old.

 F currently heads the government organisation S which is running the project known as T. The logo of T consists of a yellow sun with a fingerprint embedded in its centre. C was the guy who interviewed F for his job at R. When he was at IIT Bombay, Mr. U, the present Indian minister of state for V used to be his quizzing partner. Mr. U is famous for giving the term W which is a portmanteau of China and India. F has written the famous book “X:Ideas for the New century”. He is married to Y whom he met at a quizzing event. F has been extensively quoted in Z’s book The World Is Flat.

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Hippes_They're_Everywhere said...

C - Narayana Murthy
D - Sudha Murthy
E - Infosys
F - Nandan Nilekani
G - TELCO (Now Tata Motors)
H - JRD Tata
I - Bharat Ratna
J - Tata Group
K - Air India
L - Tata Airlines
M - Daimler-Benz
N - Indica
O - Ratan Tata
Q - iGATE Corporation
R - Patni Computer Systems
T - Aadhaar
U - Jairam Ramesh
V - Sanitation and Drinking Water
W - Chindia
X - Imagining India
Y - Rohini Nilekani
Z - Thomas Friedman

Mayank Sinha said...

B=TVS Motors
C=NR Narayan Murthy
D=Sudha Murthy
F=Nandan Nilekani
H=JRD Tata
I=Bharat Ratna
J=Tata Group
K=Indian Airlines
L=Air India
M=Daimler Benz
N=Tata Indica
O=Cyrus Mistry
R=Patni Computer Systems
S=Unique Identification Authority of India
U=Jairam Ramesh
V=Minister of Rural Development
X=Imagining India
Y=Rohini Nilekani
Z=Thomas L. Friedman

Dipesh Gogia said...

A-TAFE - Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited
B-TVS Motor Company
C-Narayana Murthy
D-Sudha Murthy
F-Nandan Nilekani
G-Tata Motors Limited (formerly TELCO)
H-J.R.D. Tata
I-Bharat Ratna
J-Tata Group
K-Air India
L-Tata Airlines
M-Daimler-Benz AG
N-Tata Indica
O-Ratan Tata
R-Patni Computer Systems Ltd
S-Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)
U-Jairam Ramesh
V-Environment and Forests
X-Imagining India
Y-Rohini Nilekani
Z-Thomas Friedman

Conquistador said...

B- TVS Motors
C- Narayana Murthy
D- Sudha Murthy
E- Infosys
F- Nandan Nilekani
G- Tata Motors
H- J.R.D. Tata
I- Bharat Ratna
J- Tata Sons
K- Air India
L- Tata Airlines
M- Daewoo
N- Indica
O- Cyrus Mistry
Q- iGate
R- Patni Computers
T- Aadhaar
U- Jairam Ramesh
V- Rural Development (He is not Minister of State of anything)
W- Chindia
X- Imagining India
Y- Rohini Nilekani
Z- Thomas Friedman

UT said...

C-Narayana Murthy
D-Sudha Murthy
F-Nandan Nilekani
H-JRD Tata
I-Bharat Ratna
J-Tata & Sons
K-Air India
L-Tata Airlines
M-Daimler Benz
O-Cyrus Mistry
P-New York Stock Exchange
Q-iGATE Corporation
R-Patni Computer Systems
S-Technology Advisory Group for
Unique Projects (TAGUP)
T-Unique Identification Authority
of India (UIDAI)
U-Jairam Ramesh
V-Rural Development
X-Imagining India
Y-Rohini Nilekani
Z-Thomas Friedman

menezes said...

A: TAFE - Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited,
B: TVS Motor
C: NR Narayana murthy
D: sudha murthy
E: infosys
F: nandan neelkeni
G: TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company
H: J.R.D tata
I: Bharat ratna
J: Tata
K: Air India
L: Tata Airlines
M: Daimler-Benz AG
N: the indica
O: ratan tata
Q: iGATE Corporation
R: Patni Computer Systems
S: Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).
T: Unique Identity card (UID Card) project
U: Jairam ramesh
V: Ministry of Environment and Forests
W: Chindia
X: Imagining india
Y: rohini nilekeni
Z: Thomas L. Friedman

Looks like this ques was made a long time back...
coz a lot of changes might be observed in the answer lately...

Vivek Verma said...

A: TAFE (Tractors and Farm Equipments Ltd)
C: Narayan Murthy
D: Sudha Murthy
E: Infosys
F: Nandan Nilekani
H: JRD Tata
I: Bharat Ratna
J: Tata Sons
K: Air India
L: Tata Airlines
M: Daimler Benz
N: Tata Indica
O: Cyrus Mistry
Q: iGate
R: Patni Computers
S: Unique Identification Authority of India
T: Aadhar
U: Jairam Ramesh
V: Ministry of Environment and Forests
W: Chindia
X: Imagining India
Y: Rohini Nilekani
Z: Thomas Friedman

indian said...

C-N.Narayan Murthy,D-Sudha Murthy,
E-Infosys, F-Nandan Nilekani,
G-TATA sons, H-JRD Tata,
I-Bharat Ratna, J-Tata Group,
K-Indian Airlines, L-Air India Intl,
M-Daimler Benz AG, N-Tata Sierra,
O-Ratan Tata, P-Infosys,
Q-iGate, R-Patni Computers systems,
U-Jairam Ramesh,V-Environment & Forest,
W-Chindia, X-Imagining India,
Y-Rohini Nilekani, Z-Thomas.L.Friedman.

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