Friday, September 6, 2013

MasterMind X

QBIT presents MasterMind X. Your chance to prove your quizzing skills !

Rules :

1. A question will come up on the blog everyday until Pantheon 2013 begins. Answer the question as fast as you can to earn maximum points.
2. You have to submit your answer as a comment to a particular question. All answers will be published before the next question comes up.
3. Every Saturday, at 10:00 p.m IST, a collection of 10 questions will be put up. You will have exactly 1.5 hrs to answer all. No answers submitted after 11:30 p.m will be evaluated.
4. An active leader-board will keep you informed about your current position.
5. The overall winner gets direct entry to the Mains of the General Quiz while the runner up gets direct entry to the Mains of the Entertainment Quiz at Pantheon '13 !! (Of course, you can bring along a teammate in the finals).

P.S - The 11:30 p.m rule applies for Saturdays ONLY !

Scoring : 

The same scoring methodology will be used as always.

1. The questions will be rated on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is cakewalk and 5 is a gut-wrencher.
2. Each rating point is worth 10 points, so a question rated 4 is worth 40 points.
3. The points are divided by the number of correct answers to give the average score, say the number of correct answers is 5, so the average is 8 points.
4. The first person gets the maximum points, then the average points are subtracted for each subsequent answer. In our example, the first person gets 40, the next gets (40-8)=32, then (32-8)=24 and so on.
5. All decimals are rounded off.

MasterMind Mode : ON


  1. ques 1-nigger(bigger) hair smoking tobacco

  2. 1. Nigger Hair
    2. The Social Network
    3. Rear Window
    4. Al Pacino (real people portrayed by him)
    5. Another Brick in The Wall (Blurred Vision covered it, shot in IGS, adopted by South African schools' boycott movement against apartheid)
    6. Salaam Namaste
    7. Shakuni - Made dice out of father's bones
    8. Tunisia
    9. Cole Haan
    10. Citizen Khan


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