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Mystique 3.0 Demystified : Answers and Fundas.

Mystique, the online treasure hunt of BITOTSAV; BIT Mesra's annual techno-cultural fest returned this year in its third edition. The event was sposored by 10kya.com.

This edition saw even bigger participation, with a total of 715 registrations from 70+ colleges across the country. The event was originally planned to run for 48 hours, but due to the increased number of levels, participants were given added time. Finally, after 56 hours and 16 minutes of fanatic treasure hunting, Utsav Giri (the defending champion) emerged winner. He was followed closely by Shaurya Shahi.

The effots of Achal Gupta, Manveet Singh and Ayas Ranjan were also commendable.

This post provides answers and explanantions for all 30 levels of the game. Source code hints are mentioned along with the questions. For hints that were provided during the game, you can visit : Mystique Forum.

 Level 0

Image of dancing stick figures.

Answer : qbit.
Explanation : the_dancing_men_code

General Hint : The first letters of the answers of level 1 to 8 spell m-o-r-i-a-r-t-y.

Level 1

Answer : mystique
Explanation : Ford contour's sister model is Ford Mystique.

Level 2

Source code hint : chug-chug-pee
Answer : okhilchandrasen
Explanation : Mr. Sen wrote a letter to the Indian Railways which led to introduction of toilets in trains.

Level 3

Source code hint : A bigger bang
Answer : rollingstones
Explanation : Goat head soup is a album by the band, they use the tounge of Kali as their logo.

Level 4

Source code hint : Qadi
Answer : ibnbatuta
Explanation : Moroccan traveller Ibn Batuta. A song from Ishqiya.

Level 5

Source code hint : Hello from earth
Answer : acrosstheuniverse
Explanation : across the universe is a beatles song emitted into the space in collaboration with the seti institute..across the universe is also a movie wherein the respective actors acted.

Level 6

Answer : rembrandt
Explanation : three singers, night's watch, andromeds, all are rembrandt's paintings

Level 7

Source code hint : Copycats
Answer : thetheorists
Explanation : A show called 'The Theorists' runs in Belarus which is a rip-off of The Big Bang Theory.

Level 8

Source code hint : Talk to the hand
Answer : yaoming
Explanation : snoop dogg's song bitch please, yao ming's popularity surge graph, adobe and php's venture "bitch please" (googlable).

Level 9

Source code hint : 0x7C0
Answer : ericarthurblair
Explanation : The region shown is Catalonia. The source code hint is hexadecimal representation of 1984.
Homage to Catalonia and 1984 are books by George Orwell whose real name is Eric Arthur Blair.

Level 10

Answer : razzieawards
Explanation : Reverse searching the image leads you to the answer.

Level 11

Answer : Satyajit Ray
Explanation : The QR code is for Bharat Ratna. Vishwanathan Anand is chess player (Shatranj ke Khiladi).

Level 12

Answer : johncage
Explanation : Its easy to observe the mistakes in the names of the books. 4'33 is completely silent piece of music by John Cage.

Level 13

Answer : gangsofwasseypur
Funda : Tangent and Perpendicular.

Level 14

Answer : danicalifornia
Explanation : Lyrics of the song.

Level 15

Answer : barclayspremierleague
Explanation : All are nicknames for EPL teams :
Potters : Stoke City
Badgers : Fulham FC
Toffees : Everton FC

Level 16

Answer : znmd
Funda : A song called 'Hard Rock Chick' plays in the Buick convertible the actors are travelling in during a scene in the movie.

Level 17

Answer : thelastkingofscotland
Explanation : Scene from Skyfall, where they visit Scotland. King from King's Landing. Arabic for 'Amin'.
Idi Amin is the connect.

Level 18

Answer : abrahamlincoln
Explanation : Academy award for Best Actor for portraying real life people.
Philip Seymour Hoffman - Truman Capote
Forest Whitaker - Idi Amin
Sean Penn - Harvey Milk
Colin Firth - King George VI
Daniel Day Lewis - Abraham Lincoln

Level 19

Answer : ubuntu
Explanation : Ali Asgar plays Juju in Jeanie aur Juju.
A marketplace or Bazaar.
A Storm.
Juju, Bazaar and Storm all are products by Canonical Ltd. Ubuntu is their most famous product.

Level 20

Answer : raghuramrajan
Explanation : Image of 'Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram''s writer. 
RR was born in Bhopal, searching the two clues together does the trick.

Level 21

Answer : theenglishpatient
Explanation : The phrase is Spanish for 'The Dark Lord' - the person implied is Ralph Fiennes.
Kip is a famous character from the movie.
Saul Zaentz is the producer of the movie, and has also been involved with both LOTR and CCR.

Level 22

Answer : asifalizardari
Funda : His govt completed a historic five year term in Pakistan. The colour and the nos. were a clue.

Level 23

Answer : titanic
Explanation : The name of the dish is Raan.
RAAN is also Region Autonoma del Atlantico Norte (North Atlantic Autonomous Region). North Atlantic is where the Titanic sank.

Level 24

Answer  : napoleonbonaparte
Funda : All of them are Napoleon's nicknames.

Level 25

Answer : ytterby
Explanation : Yttrium (39), Erbium (68), Terbium (65) and Ytterbium (70) are all chemical elements that were discovered in Ytterby, Sweden.

 Level 26

Answer : tsarbomba
Explanation : The Russian phrase in the image is "Kuzka's mother calls", (also a take on 'The Motherland Calls', a statue in Volgograd).
Kuzka's mother was also the nickname of Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear device ever detonated.

Level 27

Answer : magicalmagyars
Explanation : Won 42 Drawn 7 Lost 1 are the statistics of Hungary's Golden Team (also called the Magical Magyars) between 1950 and 1956.

Level 28

Answer : googleeartheastereggs

Explanation : The IP takes you to Crikey.com
'Crikey' was the catchphrase of Steve Irwin.

The Blues Brothers (movie) used a Dodge Monaco model as a police car.

This album by The Smiths had an image on its sleeve which was taken in front of Salford Lads Club, Manchester.

All three are featured as easter eggs on Google Earth. Steve Irwin appears at the Sydney Opera House, the car shows up on the Tacony - Palmyra bridge and an image of Morissey appears in front of the Salford Lads Club.

Level 29

Answer : perelachaisecemetery

Explanation : 1st Image : Alan Wilson, nickamed 'Blind Owl'. The Blind Owl is the most famous work of Sadegh Hedayat.
2nd Image : Spiderman's season 4 episode 51 was 'The Lizard King'. Jim Morrison was also known as The Lizard King.
3rd Image : 'El Hefe' from Team Fortress 2. Rafael Trujillo, dictator of Dominician Republic was famously called 'El Hefe' (the boss).

All 3 people (along with lots of other famous individuals) are buried at the Pere La Chaise Cemetery in Paris.

Level 30

Answer : 22111963
Explanation :
The family tree belongs to the famous Huxley-Leonard family. The question marked person is Aldous Huxley.
Thulcandra was the name used for Earth in C.S. Lewis' 'Space Trilogy'.
Huxley and Lewis died on 22nd November 1963, the same day JFK was assassinated.


Final Leaderboard :

All content researched and prepared by : Sneha Laxmi Roy, Waquar Ahmed, Sourabh Bhagat and Vishesh Shrivastava.

Special thanks to Team QBIT (Ketan Vatsalya, Mrinal Ranjan, Aditya Tyagi and Pratik Mishra) for their sincere efforts.

    Website credits : Siddhartha Sahu, Pushkar Anand.

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