Thursday, June 19, 2014

SS #12: 'Internet Before the Browser'

DR: 5/5

X is an open-source software developed in 2009, written in about 31000 lines of code. The identity of the inventor or group of inventors Y is still unknown, with widespread speculations, one of which includes a mashup of the names of 4 giant tech companies.

X today enjoys widespread use in all walks of life, including the largest university in Cyprus, car companies like Lamborghini, an entire area in Berlin called Kreuzberg, and even music artists like Mel B, among scores of others. It faces competition from a 'Lite' version of itself. It has also had its share of controversies, having been banned in countries like Thailand and China, and also leading to the infamous arrest of the alleged owner of a black market website.

ID X and Y.


  1. X - Bitcoin
    Y - Satoshi Nakamoto

  2. X - Bitcoin
    Y - Satoshi Nakamoto


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