Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DT #637: Media

1. Connect these two companies to another company X.

2. Connect these two companies to another company Y.

3. Identify this person and explain how X and Y are connected to him.


Unknown said...

X = Viacom
The person is Sumner Redstone who is the owner of Viacom and CBS.

VK Handa said...


2.CBS Corporation(Y)

3.Summer Redstone of X & Y.

Jayakumar said...

1. Viacom
2. CBS Corporation
3. Sumner Redstone. He and his family is the majority owner of the above 2 corporations

Conquistador said...

Correct Answer-
1. Viacom (MTV and Paramount Pictures are both owned by Viacom)
2. CBS Corporation (Showtime and Westinghouse are owned by CBS)
3. Sumner Redstone. He owns National Amusements which in turn owns both Viacom and CBS.

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