Sunday, October 12, 2014

TATA CRUCIBLE 2014 Prelims- Jamshedpur Corporate Edition

1)What term has a meaning to have or work in  a secondary job has been derived from the practice of "carrying out of cattle-maiming, murders, etc, during the night "

2)In 1996, D&B spun off and sold their credit monitoring and management business to a newly formed company. Which market research firm?
3) Hrithik had partnered with which Bangalore based ecommerce firm to launch a brand called HRX?
4) Complete the name of the book written by Pranajoy Guha " Gas Wars : Crony Capitalism and _____?
5)Jitendra Bhargava , a former executive director wrote a book titled "The descent of _________?
6)Whose Book " Women Work and the Will to Lead"?
7)Who has acquired the apparel brand SPYKAR?
8) Which online restaurant guide has acquired New Zealand-based eatery discovery service provider for an undisclosed amount as part of its global expansion plans.
9)____________ is a brand of home appliances  which was launched during October 1996.It makes kitchen appliances,TVsAir conditionersair coolers and health appliances. It used to be positioned as "Star in the kitchen"?
10)  Realising the need to encourage research in herbal healthcare , this company that is a big name in ayurvedic product segment gives away an award of Rs 2 lacs every year on best publication on ayurveda?

12) A book on a famous media giant in the field of business

13)Bank started by A Subba Rao Pai in down south coastal India

14) Old logo of a bank with the name of a city
15)Which american telecom giant acquired Directv?

16)"I do see India as a great place to invest, and I think the election made that even better," said the world famous real estate investor,on his first project in the country's financial capital, in collaboration with India's Lodha Group.
17)X is located in Patna, India. It was established in the year 1986.It is one among the 21 odd regional stock exchanges in India and named after an ancient historic exchange of the same region
18)Which American software firm(3 lettered) partnered with Virgin Racing Formula One team for the 2010 season and was the principal sponsor of Chennai Super Kings.
19) Coca Cola is currently banned in 2 countries. Which country that is currently banned once had a bottling plant opened in 1908?

The person in picture is Max Morgenthaler. He started something we all wake up to. What?

1) Moonlighting

2)AC Nielsen
3) Myntra
4) Ambanis
5)Air India
6)Sheryl Sandberg
7)Biyani's Future Group
8) Zomato
9) Kenstar
10)  Baidyanath
11)Club Mahindra
12) Forbes
13)Canara Bank

14) Bank of Baroda
16)Donald Trump
19) Cuba

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