Sunday, July 5, 2015

Super Sunday 4 : Crossing Some Lines

The Long Connect Returns.

Connect the following images exhaustively as A, then specify how each image relates to the connect as B-L in order. We are looking for a really specific connect for A, so be precise with your answer.

Scoring: 16 points for nailing the connect, 4 points apiece for getting each of B to L correct, and an additional 25 points for getting everything correct.


Rangeet Bhattacharya said...

A : Delhi metro Stations providing interchange between metro lines
B : Kashmere Gate Station
C : Rajiv Chowk Station
D : Mandi House Station
E : Dwarka Sector 21 Station
F : Yamuna bank station
G : Inder Lok station
H : Kirti Nagar station
I : Central Secretariat station
J : New Delhi station
K : Ashok Park station
L : Sikandarpur station

Swapna Kuruganty said...

A-Delhi Metro Interchange stations including Phase-3 Metro Layout
B- Kashmere Gate(Red line and Yellow line)
D- Mandi House( Blue line and Violet Line)
New Interchange station
E -Dwarka Sector 21(Blue line and Airport Express)
F Yamuna Bank (Blue line and Blue line branch)
G Inderlok (Red line and Green Line)
H Kirti Nagar (Blue Line and Green Line Branch)
I Central Secretariat (Yellow Line and Violet Line)
J New Delhi (Yellow line and Airport Express)
K Ashok Park Main (Green line and Green Line branch)
L Sikandarpur (Yellow line and Rapidmetrorail,Gurgaon)

Swapna Kuruganty said...

A- Transfer stations/Interchange stations between Delhi Metro Lines.
Stations that help as crossing stations between different metro lines.
(Red line (1),blue line(3) ,green line (5),Yellow(2),Orange(airport express),Violet line(6), Blue line branch(4))
B-Kashmere Gate (red and yellow)
C-Rajiv Chowk (yellow and blue line)
D-**Mandi House (Blue and Violet line) -inclusion in Phase 3
E Dwarka Sector 21( blue and orange line)
F Yamuna Bank(blue line and blue line branch)
G Inderlok (Red and Green line)
H Kirti Nagar (blue and green line branch)
I Central Secretariat(yellow and violet line)
J New Delhi(yellow and orange line)
K Ashok Park Main( Green line and Green line branch)
L **Sikandarpur (Yellow line and Rapidmetrorail,Gurgaon)

Yuvraj Jaiswal said...

A- Newest Metro proposed at Najafgarh(phase 6), which will link pink and blue line
B- Rajiv chowck metro station, linking yellow and blue line.
C-Mandi House metro station,linking blue and violet line
D-Dwarka Sec 21, linking orange(airport) and blue
E-Yamuna Bank, linking metro towards Vaishali and Noida
F-Indralok, linking red and green line
G-Kirti-Nagar, linking blue and green line
H-Central Secretariat , linking yellow and violet line
I-New Delhi Metro, linking yellow and orange line
J-Ashok Park Main- linking green line towards Mundka and towards Kirti Nagar
K-Sikandarpur-linking orange and gurgaon rapid metro

CONNECT: Metro Stations of Different phases that are interchange stations

TheTameRacingDriver said...

Answers are,
A - (Current) interchange stations/junctions of the Delhi Metro Rail network
B - Kashmere Gate (Yellow and Red)
C - Rajiv Chowk (Yellow and Blue)
D - Mandi House (Blue and Violet)
E - Dwarka Sector 21 (Blue and AirportExp)
F - Yamuna Bank (Blue and Blue)
G - Inderlok (Red and Green)
H - Kirti Nagar (Blue and Green)
I - Central Secretariat (Yellow and Violet)
J - New Delhi (Yellow and AirportExp)
K - Ashok Park Main (Green and Green)
L - Sikandpur (Yellow and RapidMetro Gurgaon)

Points would be only be awarded if the answers are in the order specified, no points would be deducted for getting the lines for each station wrong

hitchhiker said...

A- interchange stations on the Delhi Metro
B- kashmere gate( red line and yellow line)
C- Rajiv chowk ( blue line and yellow line)
D- Mandi house ( blue line and violet line)
E- dwarka sector 21 ( blue line and airport express)
F- Yamuna bank ( between the blue line branches)
G- inderlok ( green line and red line)
H- kirti nagar ( green line and blue line)
I- central secretariat ( yellow and violet lines)
J- new Delhi station ( yellow and airport express)
K- ashok park main ( green line branches)
L- sikanderpur ( yellow line and rapidrail)

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