Thursday, June 9, 2016

Play"full" Animals.


Ashish Deopa said...

All these animals have prediicted outcome of football matches.
Paul the Octopus predicted Fifa W Cup 2010 matches.
The armadillo predicted a match in the 2014 World Cup.
The koala was chosen to predict matches for the Euro Cup 2016.

Anonymous said...

These animals from germany have been/will be used to predict the outcome of football matches during
Armadillo Taka wc 2010
Oobi-Ooobi the koala at euros 2016
Paul the octopus wc 2010

Anonymous said...

The animal oracles who have predicted results of historic football matches in world cups.
1. Paul the octopus (correct prediction of all of Germany's matches in world cup 2010)
2. Armadillo Taka (during 2014 world cup)
3. Oobi-ooobi the koala (has been named the Oracle for Germany's campaign in Euro 2016)
-Debayan Chatterjee

Abhayankar Joshi said...

Animals who are the "oracles" of Euro cup2016.. WIll predict the putcome of matches.
Paul the octopus
Armadillo Taka
Koala OObi-Oobi

Abhayankar Joshi said...

Slight modification- ALl have been "oracles"for different international football tournaments, not just Euro 2016.

Rangeet Bhattacharya said...

All these animals have been used to predict the outcome of football world cup games
Paul the octopus
Norman the armadillo
Oobi oobi the koala

Girish Srinivasan said...

Animals which were/will used to predict results of football matches

PC said...

Animal oracle's for world cup matches who would usually correctly predict the winners.Paul the octopus,milo the armadilo ,Kevin the koala. Poulomi

indian said...

win predictors - animals that are being used to predict winners in the football matches - paul the octopus the famouse one.

Hermoine Granger said...

As suggested by literally all of you, they are termed "Animal Oracles".
Bingo Quizzers!

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