Friday, June 17, 2016

Theme- Literature; Questions- Three; Vijayadashami- an auspicious day, God Lorn-Banter and Plummie.

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Theme for the week- Literature.

  • Question of Wednesday. Points Scheme- Everybody who answers gets a +100.

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  • Question for Thursday- +100 for every correct answer.

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  • Question for Friday- +100 for every correct answer 

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Ashish Deopa said...

Answer for WEDNESDAY
The connect is Malgudi Days.
All the images allude to stories present in the book like An Astrologers Day, The Missing Mail, The Doctors word, The Blind Dog, Fellow Feeling, The Tiger's Claw, Iswaran, 45 a month and The Snake Song

Answer for THURSDAY
The connect is Robert Langdon.
He is called The Dolphin in college, is described as looking like Harrison Ford in Harris Tweed and was inspired by works of Joseph Campbell such as The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

Answer for FRIDAY
The connect is P G Wodehouse.
He was called Plummie by his wife. Uncle Fred and Psmith are his literary characters. Blandings Castle is a recurring location in his stories and He has written a book called The Golf Omnibus.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday- Short stories by RK Narayan

Thursday- Robert Langdon from Angels and Demon series by Dan Brown

Friday- Short stories by PG Wodehouse

- Debayan Chatterjee

Rangeet Bhattacharya said...

Thursday : Robert Langdon ( Dan Brown books).

Friday : P.G. Wodehouse (plummy is his nickname). All are characters or series of P.G.Wodehouse books like Uncle Fred , P.Smith , Blanding Castles , Golf stories etc.


1.Dolphin cries were used for the voice of Ark spirits

2.harrison ford stars as Indiana Jones in the movie

3.Raiders of the Lost Ark is a textbook example of the Hero's Journey: The universal framework for a story—outlined by mythologist Joseph Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces—that defines literature


friday :
ANswer: SET of short stories by P.G.WODEHOUSE(Blandings castle series,golf stories and school stories)

1.Uncle Fred is one of P.G wodehouse's characrter.Uncle Fred in the Springtime is set at the idyllic Blandings Castle from BLANDING CASTLE SERIES

2. P.G .WODEHOUSE is the author of the short stories series.

3.Leave it to Psmith,a novel by P.G .WODEHOUSE is again set at Blandings castle(BLANDING CASTLE SERIES)

4.School stories is a set of short stories again by P.G.Wodehouse

5.Crom castle which was used as the fictional Blandings Castle in the tv.series

6.Golf stories is another set of short stories by P.G.Wodehouse.


plummie was the nickname of P.G.wodehouse



answer: "MALGUDI DAYS " by R.K.Narayan

He created the fictioanl town of Malgudi on Vijayadashmi

following clues are the chapters from malgudi days
1. an astrologer's day
2.the missing mail
3.The doctor's word
4.the blind dog
5."Fellow Feeling
6.the tiger's claw
7. iswaran
8.Forty-Five A Month
9.the snake's song



God lorn banter- Anagram for Robert Langdon

1. his campus nickname “The Dolphin” was both because of his affable personality and his diving skills.

2.HE is described as looking like "Harrison Ford in Harris tweed"

3.Joseph Campbell was an inspiration for the character of Langdon.
His writings on semiotics, comparative religion and mythology in particular "The Power of Myth" and "The Hero With a Thousand Faces" helped inspire the framework on which the character of Robert Langdon was built.

PC said...

Wednesday answer is malgudi days by rk narayan. It includes stories like astrologers day,the doctors word etc

PC said...

Friday answer pg Wodehouse

PC said...

Thursday answer star wars

Abhayankar Joshi said...


Connect is stories from Malgudi Days by R K Narayan


Connect is George Lucas and Star Wars


Connect is they are all related to P G Wodehouse and his famous literary characters.

Priyam Raut said...

Friday answer :
P G wodehouse
blandings castle series
west crom as blandings
theres always golf

Priyam Raut said...

Thursday answer
Robert Langdon
the hero with a thousand faces
harrison ford in harris tweed
The Dolphin

Hermoine Granger said...

Wednesday- Those are the chapters of Malgudi Days by R.K.Narayan.
Vijayadashami of 1930 was the start of the fictional town of Malgudi.
Thursday- GOD-LORN BANTER-anagram of Robert Langdon.
Dolphin was his nickname, He is supposed to look like Harrison Ford in Harris tweed and his character is based on Joseph Campbell, the writer of the hero with a thousand faces.
Friday- All the images provided are recurring characters and locations of PG Wodehouse.
Bingo People!Keep up the good work! ^_^

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