Sunday, June 5, 2011

Daily Trivia #474 I thought I thought and then I thunk!

Connect these famous companies!
Note: List may not be exhaustive. Its the to the best of my knowledge.


Surya said...

Think is the connect

Surya said...


Surya said...

IBM think big
taco bell think outside the bun
kotak think investments think kotak
volkswagon think small
apple think different

Atticus Finch said...


asad said...

taglines -:
ibm:"i think,there4 ibm"
kotak:"think investments,think kotak"
apple:"think different"
taco bell:"think outside the bun"
volkswagen:"das auto" meaning drivers
so apart frm VW nd coz of d title:connect is "think"..

Quasar said...

Ummm......I will have to 'THINK' about the taglines......

miami_maiden said...

apple:think different
kotak:think investments think kotak
ibm:i think therefore IBM
taco bell:think outside the bun
volkswagen:::who wud've thunk, volkswagen became the world's most valuable company after exceeding the total value of exxon mobil's net stocks...

waquar said...

even volkswagon has started a "THINK BLUE" initiative.

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