Sunday, June 5, 2011

Daily Trivia #473 The One with the Diplomat

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  1. California : Chevron and leland Stanford has their headquarters there.

  2. condoleezza rice??
    diplomat,politics,stanford,30 rock lead 2 her......dunno abt oder pics..

  3. asad gets it right!

    Josef Korbel was an educator and diplomat, and also was the mentor of Condoleezza Rice. He also lends his name to "Josef Korbel School of International Studies" of which Rice is an alumna.

    Rice has also been with Stanford University as a faculty since the early 1980s.

    She has also been associated with the oil major Chevron Corp, which even has a 129,000-ton supertanker named SS Condoleezza Rice.

    She is also a part of the Hoover Institution, a public policy think tank and library.

    Finally, she has also made a guest appearance as herself in the fifth season of the series "30 Rock".

  4. I guess, adding the TIME 100 logo would have made it a bit more obvious!


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