Sunday, November 18, 2012

Daily Trivia #601 'Grow up!'

Name the person and place these clues point to.


Shobhit Narain said...

Michael Jackson.
Neverland(where he allegedly raped and sexually abused minors)

Indrajit Sarkar said...

person is michael may be los angeles

Indrajit Sarkar said...

person is michael jackson n place is los angeles

Hippes_They're_Everywhere said...

Michael Jackson, Neverland.

Captain Hook -> Peter Pan -> Neverland

His estate is called Neverland.

Conquistador said...

michael jackson and neverland

sadiya said...

Michael jackson
Neverland Valley Ranch

Abhishek Kumar said...

Answer : PETERPAN, NeverLand.
NOT Michael Jackson (his picture was a clue, not an answer).
Michael Jackson owned the Neverland Ranch.
Captain James Hook had a hook for a hand in the story.
A 'kiss' is referred to as a 'thimble' in the story.

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