Thursday, November 4, 2010

DAILY TRIVIA # 389 Diwali Bonus @ 1000%

Q-BIT offers Diwali Bonus @ 1000% i.e. 11 questions instead of 1 to its followers.Enjoy the festival of Light  as the Carnival Of Quest.(This post is dedicated to the one & only Ravi Handa )
Happy Birthday Q-BIT.Cheers to the Q-BIT Quartet.

1.X is a social and commercial custom of North India and Pakistan that is based on the belief that the first sale of a day or other selling period establishes the seller's luck for subsequent transactions during the remainder of the day. In practical terms this means that sellers try to ensure that the first or X sale happens on a cash-only basis, and ideally without any discounts i.e. at full-price.What is X here?
Answer# Bohni.
2.Kill Shrill :)Identify these Copycats/Behrupiyes.
Answer # Arjun & Mehr Rampal for Hrithik Roshan's Halloween Party. 
3.Mr X has 1,200 official titles, including, roughly translated, guardian deity of the planet, ever-victorious general, lodestar of the 21st century, supreme commander at the forefront of the struggle against imperialism and the United States, eternal bosom of hot love and greatest man who ever lived. X is the de facto leader of Y though the official leader of the country is still his long-deceased father who founded Y.X is the Supreme Commander of Y’s army, the fourth largest standing army in the world.Identify X & Y.
Answer# Kim Jong Il & North Korea.
4.Hero Hiralal.Watching him as an actor forces me to accept KRK as my fav hero :).Id the hero.
Answer# Amar Singh.
5.X brought this innovative thinking to succession planning. He devised a structure in which each of his four sons would hold one-fifth of the promoter shareholding in each company. He would hold another fifth. This meant each son would be in charge of his own slice of the empire, but have a share in his brothers’ businesses as well. The philosophy extended to the house that X built in Delhi where there are four separate quarters linked by a common kitchen.Who is X here?
Answer# O.P.Jindal
6.Jetlag or Jetleg.You don't have to be specific.An Ad for?
Answer# Google (Did you mean jetlag or jetleg?)
7.X as a part of internet addresses have long annoyed net users and now the man Y behind them has apologised for using them.Y could easily have designed URLs not to have the X but it seemed like a good idea at that time.His light-hearted apology even had a green angle as he accepted that having to add X to every address had wasted time, printing and paper.Identify X & Y.
Answer # // & Tim Berners Lee
8.Identify the brand which is getting launched in this image.The brand draws inspiration from the french expression Bon ______ which means a person who enjoys luxuries, esp good food and drink.
Answer# Vivanta by Taj.
9.X Ke Papa,X,X Ke Papa Ke Papa Ke Papa & X Ke Papa Ke Papa.Identify X & all the Papas.
Answer# Aaditya Birla,Kumarmangalam Birla,G.D. Birla & B.K. Birla.
10.Who gets to wear this cap?
Answer# A cricketer who is a part of ICC Test Team Of the Year.By the way this cap belongs to Sehwag.
11.Bajaate Raho.An Ad for?
Answer# Ipod.
Wishing you all a Happy,Prosperous & Safe Diwali.


  1. 1. Bohni
    3. Kim Jong
    4. Amar Singh
    5. Jindal
    6. Guglu about auto correction of spellings
    7. / and timmy
    8. Vivants or viveur or vivante
    11. Ipod

  2. 1. Boni (traders used dwarfs to open their stores)
    2. Arjun Rampal and wifey Mehr Jessia
    3. Kim Jong, N Korea
    4. Amar Singh
    5. O.P Jindal
    6. Google
    7. Tim Berners-Lee and forward slashes
    8. Bon Viva
    9. Looks like Birla Family (L-R : Aditya Vikram, Kumar Mangalam, Ghanshyam Das and Basant Kumar)

  3. Do add to your blogroll,and we'll do likewise!


  4. 1. Bauhni... :P
    3. X = Kim Jong IL
    Y = North Korea
    5. O.P. Jindal
    7. X = The forward slashes at the beginning of internet addresses.
    Y = Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

    8. Bon Vivant
    9. x = KM Birla, his father AV Birla, his grandfather BK Birla, his great grandfather GD Birla.

  5. 1 Bohni
    2 Arjun Rampal-Mehr Ramplal
    3 X = Kim Jong-II, Y = North Korea
    4 Amar Singh
    6 Google (we know what you are looking for,even when you do not know)
    7 X = http//, Y = Tim Berners Lee
    11 Apple I-pod

  6. 1-X-Bohni
    2-Arjun Rampal rocked the Joker look (from the last Batman movie) as did his wife Mehr who went as Beatrix the Bride (Uma Thurman's character) from the Kill Bill films in a Halloween-themed party .

  7. 1. is it bohni
    2.arjun rampal and mehar rampal jong 2 north korea
    4. amar singh
    7.X=www and Y=tim berners lee
    9.rahul gandhi rajiv gandhi, feroz gandhi,jehangir faredoon
    10.i am not sure of this is it for england's royal heads
    11.93.5 red fm

  8. 1.X = bauni
    3.X = kim jong-il; Y = North Korea
    4.Amar singh
    5.X = Savitri jindal
    6. google
    7. X=//; Y=Sir Tim Berners-Lee
    8. vivanta by taj
    9. X=Kumar Mangalam Birla; other papas: Aditya Birla, Basant Kumar Birla, G.D. Birla

  9. 1.bohni
    2.Kim Jong-il aka Kim Jong Il....father/deceased leader: Kim Il-sung
    4.Amar singh
    5. op jindal
    6.Tim Berners Lee for slashes '//'
    7.Bon vivant?

  10. 1.X = bauni
    3.X = kim jong-il; Y = North Korea
    4.Amar singh
    5.X = Savitri jindal
    6. google
    7. X=//; Y=Sir Tim Berners-Lee
    9. X=Kumar Mangalam Birla; other papas: Aditya Birla, Basant Kumar Birla, G.D. Birla
    11. Red FM 93.5


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