Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quiz Generalis - Review [Finally!]

First things first,
QBIT BLOG : became 2 years old! Definitely one 5th of Nov worth remembering! And Prabhakhar, a.k.a. Ignoramus is celebrating his birthday too!
Happy Birthday to all! Cheers!

With 107/108 Google followers and 300-something fans on Facebook, still, we say there is a long way to go. Quizzing is changing dheere-dheere in BIT. And, QBIT intends to lead the way. Exams are around the corner again. So, sadly, quizzing will have to take a back-seat again till December.

Forgive me for being so late [2 whole weeks to be precise] in posting a review of the CAT quiz and the results. Terribly busy I have been with random stuff. Not too late...its never too late...

QBIT's first quiz for the semester, Quiz Generalis, took place on 31st Oct, 2010, at BIT Mesra. Tata Steel came along with its internship test the same day. So, Vulcan, Atticus and Utsavius were missing. Cryogenic had just returned from Mumbai from AQ regional finals (He came 3rd! Congratulations!) We began the prelims nonetheless which went off smoothly. Sizeable crowd considering it was Sunday morning! [Note 1]. With a cutoff of 8 on tiebreaker with 3 teams, we had 6 teams of 2 on stage for the final 4 rounds. Atticus and Utsavius returned by then.
Some glitches with the presentation saw some answers being revealed. However, they were quickly replaced. [Note 2] No problems there. Rest of the rounds were perfect.
Sadly, the buzzer failed to respond due to some voltage drop we forgot about. :( So that round was scrapped. Challenge round was exciting with passed questions being answered superbly by some. And the scoring style ensured the best teams were on top. Few audience prizes (CP-Amul vouchers) were given out too.
With 6K given out as prize money, the quizzers were elated. The crowd was happy. And thus, we were too.

Final standings :

1. Akshay Singh Thakur & Anjneya Varshney (2k7)

2. Siddharth Saha & Manish Kumar Verma (2k7)

3. Debjit Roy & Gaurav Kumar (2k9)

4. Aditya Tyagi & Ketan Vatsalya (2k10)


6. Vishesh Shrivastava & Waquar Ahmed (2k10)

Best Girl's Team : Divya Jaiswal & Estee Joe Mathew
BEST 2k10 Team : Aditya Tyagi & Ketan Vatsalaya

I hope I didnt commit any spelling mistakes or any error in the standings.
The presentations have been uploaded on Slideshare for all of you to see. They are downloadable as well. If you have feedback, please comment on this post.

We witnessed some great quizzing that Sunday and hope the turnout will be better for our next quiz. We have to ponder over some issues which will be sorted out. Till then, Happy Quizzing! Happy PL to people at BIT. Happy Sunday to the rest. And Happy Birthday to us!

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