Friday, December 17, 2010

AIMA 11th National Management Quiz for Corporates-Mumbai Prelims

At 5:30 in the chilly Alibag's morning I was woken up by three alarms ringing in unison.Woke Up.Slept again :)This went on for next 30 mins when I realized that I needed to be up and running if I really had  to take part in a quiz(and that too my first corporate quiz) after a hiatus of around 7 months.Had to wait for about 30 mins to catch the first ferry/catamaran from Mandwa(Agneepath & Vijay DinaNath Chouhan's name is what comes to mind) to Gateway Of India.After an hour of ferry ride,instead of catching the slow local from Churchgate which would take me to Vile Parle caught the fast local in a hurry.Result:had to get down at Bandra to catch the slow local to Vile Parle.Finally when we (me and my partner Atul) landed up at the venue we felt as if we have come to the wrong place as we were the only two guys in jeans and tshirts with everybody around us in formals and suits(it was a CORPORATE quiz:P).Leaving our adventures aside,a total of 28 teams participated considering the steep entry fee of Rs 7000 for a team that was a good number.Jacob Kurian was the quizmaster who had a total of 30 ques for the prelims out of which 29 I have posted here.Enjoy this post.Will post the finals in my next post :)  
1.Which brand runs its TV campaign with the lines "Survive Mumbai,Survive The World"?
2.Which bank issues cheques in KBC4?
3.Which bollywood couple endorses the home furnishing brand D'Decor?
4.Identify the guy.

5.Identify this guy who has given the rupee symbol.

6.Mascots for which international event?

7.Which company will you associate with "Smarter Planet"?
8.Identify the logo.

9."Malus Pumila" is the scientific name of a fruit.This is also the name of a famous company.Identify the company.
10."With all due respect to the pickle, which has served _____ dutifully since the 19th century, we are shifting the spotlight to the tomato." Fill in the blanks.
11.Name the company which is associated with this event.

12.The board of which famous football club decided to sell itself for 300 million pound to John W henry who owns Boston Red Sox?
13.This company is associated with which sport?

14.Tata Football Academy has announced tie-up with which British football club to provide professional football training to TFA coaches and cadets?
15.Which company's TV campaign is built around the theme of Escape and features Sachin Tendulkar,Zaheer Khan and Harbhajan Singh?
16.Who among these four Pankaj Advani,Gautam Gambhir,Virender Sehwag and Mary Kom is now managed by Professional Management Group ?
17.Which organization issues "Global Competitiveness Report" annually ?
18."_________ Legacy:Delhi and the Commonwealth Games" is a book by Boria Majumdar.Fill in the blanks.
19."__________:The End Of The World As We Know It" is a book by Ken Auletta.Fill in the blanks.
20.Know More,No Less is the tagline for which famous Indian publication?
21.Which famous author will be making his debut appearance in the movie Saat Khoon Maaf which is based on his story Susanna's Seven Husbands?
22.Raghav Bahl's book "Superpower?" mentions which two animals?
23. She has done a Ph.D. in political science and was also a communist.She reluctantly joined her grandfather's famous luxury goods company which was founded in Milan in 1913.Identify her.

24.Who owns "Interval Licensing" which has recently sued Google,facebook,etc. for patent violations?
25.Which famous TV celebrity will be coming up with a new show "Next chapter"?
26.Who founded the NGO Hand In Hand? 
27.Money Never Sleeps is the tagline for which movie?
28.Akshay Kumar has been appointed as the brand ambassador by which country's tourism board?
29.Which flamboyant businessman made an appearance in the movie IronMan-2?

Top Six Teams which qualified for the finals were:-
1.Prashant Shah & Zubin Mazumdar - RABO India.
2.Shashikant Jagirdar & Sachin Pai - BroadBridge Financial
3.USN Bhatt & R J Kamble - BPCL
4.Amit Pandeya & Manish Tandon - Questtasoft
5.Govind Grewal & Preeti Shankar - Tata Capital
6.Venkatesh Bargam & Arun Kumar - Hero Honda 


  1. 1.American Tourister
    2.Axis Bank
    3.ShahRukh Gauri
    4.Julian Assange
    5.Udaya Kumar
    6.Wenlock and Mandeville, London Olympics 2012
    14.Sheffield United Football Club (SUFC)
    16.Gautum Gambhir by World Sport Group
    17..World Economic Forum
    20.Business Standard
    21.Ruskin Bond
    22.hare and tortoise
    24.paul allen
    25.peter andre
    26.Percy Barnevik and Kalpana Sankar
    27.wall street
    29.Larry Ellison ceo oracle...elon musk chairman tesla


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