Saturday, December 18, 2010

AIMA 11th National Management Quiz for Corporates-Mumbai Finals

Continuing from where I left in my last post which covered the prelims round of this quiz.I couldn't qualify for the finals so what I could do next was to sit there,enjoy the quiz as a Q-BIT correspondent :P and win some audience prizes.Barring a handful of questions,the finals by quizmaster Jacob Kurian didn't match up to the questions in prelims.Tata Capital team(Govind Grewal & Preeti Shankar) or the Anjaana Anjaani team as it was named led from the beginning to finally win the quiz with almost double the score of the team coming second i.e. the Hero Honda team.I did win 4 Kit-Kats as an audience prize in a quiz that had an entry fee of Rs 7000 only :P.The quiz was followed by lunch(Chalo thoda to paisa vasool hua).While we enjoyed the lunch there,you enjoy the finals here.
Round 1
Take Your Pick.
A.1.Which company's new initiative is called Project Samruddhi?
    2.With which auto company would you associate Blue On?

B.1.This company launched its Family Moments campaign,a marketing in store and digital initiative designed to            provide more options for the family.Name the company.
   2.Which World heavyweight champion has been signed by Sanghvi brands,a real estate company to share his expertise on health topics?

C.1."Your moment is waiting".This tagline is used by which state's tourism board?
    2.According to World economic forum's Global Competitiveness Report 2010-11 which company has got the top slot?

D.1.Which bank as a part of green office project 'Hum Aur Haryali' has opened Mumbai's first solar powered ATM?
    2."Power and Productivity for a better world." is the tagline for which company?

E.1.According to Newsweeks's 2010 Green ranking which company has got the top slot?
    2.Which famous model hosts the reality tv show "Project Runaway"?

F.1.Which company owns the global football talent search "The Chance"?
   2.Which actress endorses the Goa tourism?

Round 2 
Environment Ki Guzaarish
1.Which car has been chosen as the Green Car of the year 2011?
2.Which organization publishes magazine called TUNZA?
3.Expand LEED which is a green building certification system.
4.People,Planet,Profit report has been prepared by the organization Sustainibilty for which company?
5.Gobar Times is the children supplement for which environment magazine?
6.Brazil,Netherland,Portugal,USA,South Korea,Austrailia,New Zealand,Serbia and Slovenia.what was so unique about these teams participating in FIFA world cup ?

Round 3
Bad Mania
This was the most exciting round or probably the only round of this finals which I loved playing even when we were not on stage.In this round the tagline of a company was presented in a jumbled manner and the name of the company had to be guessed by cracking that jumbled line and to be filled in the desired no. of slots.
1.Laughingly Wise Today. _ _ _ _ _
2.A fat Sedition. _ _ _ _
3.Is Blooming Pithiness. _ _ _ _ _ _
4.Wifely Oaf. _ _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _ _ _
5.Raunchily Ace Of Aged Inane. _ _ _ _
6.Wet Poor You. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
7.Win Both The Debts. _ _ _ _ & _ _ _ _ _ _
8.Cleverer Of High Minded Rape. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Round 4
Pass Round
1.Why were Chitra and Khalijia were in news recently?
2.Management Innovation eXchange(MIX) is a project run by which famous business guru?
3.This game called 'Mokshapat" was created by saint Gyandev.How do we know it today?
4.With which innovation would you associate Harvey Ball?
5.Why are Babushka phones popular in Russia?

Round 5
Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey
1.June 17,1862 W.V. Adams patented something that used adjustable ratchets.what?
2.Headquarters for which British organization?

3.Who is being described here?

  • Young, enthusiastic and determined
  • Thinks cricket is the best game in the world
  • Loves playing Street cricket and would play it 24/7 if he could
  • Worships his cricket heroes, their technique, skill and character
  • Understands there is a lot to learn, works hard at it, step by step
  • Learning to master the art of concentration
  • Dreams of playing in the ICC Cricket World Cup one day
  • Age: 10 (human years)
4.A video from the movie Avatar was shown and then it was asked that which tribe has been affected by Vedanta's Niyamgiri project?
5.A video from Golmaal 3 was shown and then it was asked to expand TISA.
6.In the movie Karthik calling Karthik Farhan Akhtar's transition occurs at which retail store?
7.Expand LGBT.

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