Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daily Trivia #435 : Aktiengesellschaft

Connect the above images !!!
(Specify the significance of each image in the given context and refrain from partial answers.)

The correct answer is indeed Puma AG, as correctly answered in all the three responses.
Great job for cracking each part of the question.
Another Puma trivia - Puma was initially named Ruda by Rudi Dassler in a similar fashion as his brother Adi Dassler who called his company Adidas. Credit to both of them for starting two giants of the fashion & sports industry with a whopping $10+ billion in annual revenues combined together!!!


  1. puma

    The lady is salma hayek--her husband owns puma

    Puma is makin puma ferrri shoes

    the first log is tottenham hotspurs sponsored by puma

    cobra golf is owned by puma

    the old man is rudolf dassler who started puma

    the young man is jochen zeitz, ceo of puma

  2. Connect-Puma AG
    1)Ferrari Logo-Puma makes driving shoes and race suits for them
    2)Logo of Totteham Hotspur- Puma is the sponsor of Tottenham Hotspur until the end of 2010/11 season
    3)Old man-Rudolf Dassler founder Puma
    4)Young man(comparitevely)-Jochen Zeitz CEO Puma
    5)Logo of Cobra golf-Acquired by Puma in 2010
    6)Salma Hayek-Wife of Fran├žois-Henri Pinault who's company PPR owns Puma

  3. puma...
    ferrari's palying accessories n tottenham hotspurs as a football club sponsored by puma
    cobra golf OWNED by puma...
    salma hayek...wife of the owner of puma... of puma
    dassler...founder of puma(after being in a business rival;ry with his brother, the powner of the three stripes)

  4. wht is d context of d heading ??

  5. First of all, thanx for the interest 'Miami-maiden'. Its actually the expansion of AG in Puma AG which means a company with a shareholding pattern and the namesake is common in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
    It's roughly equivalent to the public limited company PLC in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, publicly-held/open corporation in the United States, to the S.A. in Spain and sundry in other countries!!!


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