Sunday, March 13, 2011

Q-BIT Mesra reaches new heights

Move over Anu Malik. Pritam you are passe...

Introducing Zarf'11.

In an act that can be best described UNETHICAL, and DOWNMARKET PLAGIARISM. The organizer of the Cricket QUIZ at this fest blatantly copied the poster from our very own cricket quiz.

check out these two posters and make your own decision

When contacted on Facebook the so called organizer , conveniently first makes the excuse of the fest being a local fest

"kya cradit chahiye tumko ? it's not a international event.... just a college level.... so don't warry "

and then invokes his "CREATIVITY"

"think before taking any step aginst AMU....... otherwise we will show our creativity on u also..... keep ur mouth shut i will change my poster soon..... i can't want hear even a single word from ur side..... understand"

Considering the heritage of their college we think its beneath their standards to plagiarize the poster of “Qricket” from our QBIT’s blog with the complete logo, and then respond in the most un parliamentary language possible when confronted.

I wonder if this is the respect we give to creativity in our country.

PS : The spelling or grammer mistakes, if any are not mine :P


  1. "related to anu malik, preetam"

  2. "i can't want hear even a single word from ur side..... understand"


  3. Nice "PS" written :)

    koi baat nahi jaane do cheating karna humara janm siddh adhikaar hai... like priya gold biscuit HAQ se maango :)

    apne hi desh ka college copy kiya hai na... maaf kar do is baar.. bahar ka koi karta hai tab..... ;) :)

  4. man do one thing copy paste their comment on their site if they have any website running, which i highly doubt... chori bhi sinazori bhi.... and really impressed with their grammar and english.... hilarious...

  5. Hi
    First off, it was real hard finding you guys, adding up to the already frustrating rounds of rumours about the happening or not happening of such an event that you referred to via a comment on our Facebook page (which apparently was removed, adding to the tension and delay in this response).
    Well, this cannot be called an official reply from the main organising team of Zarf'11, but being the Creative Head of the fest, I would like to forward this message from a personal level. One reason for this is that having had worthwhile experience in making posters, I do see the similarity between the two, and hence do condemn the fact that such an act of plagiarism took up any space on the walls of this prestigious institute that I am so indebted to, and boasted the logo of all our long and hard work behind Zarf'11, while it was smeared with the mud of shame.
    However, the main reason behind me contacting you is to bring some important facts to your knowledge. Being the CH of Zarf'11, I also had the responsibility of slotting all its events, and I have confirmed, both from the slots, and the coordinators of the fest, that NO such event was ever sanctioned, and was in fact never organised to anyone's knowledge (please check the uploaded slots of the three days on the same Facebook page). However, it was confirmed that one such application was in fact received by the coordinators, but was rejected for apparently different reasons. Therefore, the so called organisers of that particular event are not only guilty of plagiarism, but also misappropriation, misuse, and false conduct, leading to serious defamation of the fest, the college, as well as the whole university. And if you look at the comments, that you have quoted to be their's, from the perspective of the organisers of the fest, who have put in their sweat and blood to make it a success, calling it a 'local fest' for an excuse, reflects nothing but utter disrespect to the values and traditions this institution has been bestowing to generations of this country for around a century. And the comment about 'creativity' is a straight slap on the face of my personal ethics and pride that I have earned with so much hard work.
    Culprits, that they are, I cannot take any personal action against them, being part of an organising committee. However, any official action against them has not yet been decided upon. But what has disappointed me even more is the course of action that you have chosen to deal with the whole situation. I accept the mistake was on our part to literally distribute the official logo of the fest over a public Facebook page, making it available for such misuse, and that we were not able to monitor all the contents of its wall so vigilantly. But, don't you think that proper actions could have been taken more swiftly if some personal contact to a higher level organiser was made, rather than blatant public commentary, at least when such an 'unparliamentary' response was received by you. Whatever, I am not blaming you for anything, because, trust me, I totally understand the frustration you would have been through at that time. I am just disappointed by the way it was handled by your side. Especially, if you have used any phrases defaming this great institution, of which I have been reported about, but not yet confirmed.
    No complaints, No hard feelings. That is what I hope to be between us from now on about this topic. This is the last month of my long stay in this University, and I have earned enough respect for, from and through this great institution. And ruining it all due to some 'unethical downmarket (plagiarist)' morons is the last thing I want.
    Abdullah Mohammad Ozair
    Creative Head
    Zarf '11

    P.S. Again, this is strictly a correspondence on a personal level from my side, as I felt morally and professionally obliged to do so. It's too bad that this was not an official response; but believe me, I am waiting for it more than you are.


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