Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Daily Trivia #452 - Not your regular kind of Soda

Identify this woman and her claim to fame.

Uncracked till now. Time for a hint: She is probably the first and only person in the country with an MBA, to hold the position of Sarpanch.


  1. Chhavi rajawat...represented her village as the sarpanch of her village(in rajasthan)at the poverty world conference held at the United nations...and as the hint mentions,she's probably the first lady ever in India to hold the sarpanch's position being a MBA

  2. Chhavi Rajawat sarpanch of village Soda

  3. chhavi rajawat...acclaimed by the *TOI* as the changing face of rural rajasthan....

    (no pun intended for a change)

  4. It's chhavi Rajawat grand daughter of Brig Rajawat ,the ex-sarpanch of soda ,in tonk distt of rajasthan.


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