Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DAILY TRIVIA #451 Koschens Udhaar Ke

1.She is an intelligent and kind-hearted girl, good at baking cookies and loves her mother's apple pies. She was born in the suburbs of London, on November 1, 1974, but looks as young as ever. For someone so young, she is the most well known face around the world. She has been featured on Visa and Mastercard. She has helped Airbus and Fender advertise. She even has a restaurant named after her! And that's not all, Mariah Carey gets her fashion tips from her!
If you think that's too much on one girl's plate, picture this: She is a tourism ambassador and has an EXCLUSIVE title from Unicef. It's estimated that her earnings are somewhere between $10 bn and $ 500 bn.Who is she?

Question Credit : Pranshumaan
2.Originally of Bengali descent, X was married into the princely Royal Rajputana family of Rajasthan
surprisingly and unorthodoxically to her own second-uncle.She is also related to many royal families
of India and abroad…some of them namely Kota, Isarda, burdwan, Tripura, Maharshtra, and even
Thailand.X is also famously related to many noted film personalities like R.D.Burman, Riya Sen, Raima
sen. A great lover of emeralds and pearls, and an equally great patroniser of art, X was responsible
for uplifting the then dying art of blue pottery, a famos art characterstic of Jaipur. X also became an
unopposed candidate for the electoral seat of her earlier place of empress-hood after the princely
dominions were disestablished in the early 1950’s.Name her.
Question Credit: Sneha Lakshmi Roy



  2. 1-hello kitty
    2-maharani gayatri devi

  3. 1.hello kitty
    2.maharani gayatri devi

  4. gayatri devi was also listed as one of the world's ten most beautiful women b the vogue magazine during her adulthood....


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