Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Daily trivia #466 "Freshen" up

Connect & explain......
The subway guy(Jared Fogle), Family guy's Peter Griffith(Subway ads), Scrabble(instant win competitions based on the game Scrabble as promotional tools), Chuck(the campaign by fans to popularize the series by advertizing with the footlong sandwich) and Milford, Connecticut its HQ


  1. Connect is Subway restaurant chain
    -Family guy's Peter Griffith( appeared in advertisements for Subway Restaurants)
    -Scrabble-Subway has used instant win competitions based on the game
    -Jared Fogle, 'The Subway Guy', known for his significant weight loss attributed to Subway.
    -Subway also has a product placement television advertisement campaign for the series Chuck.
    -Milford, Connecticut-Location of HQ

  2. SUBWAY...
    peter griffin(the cartoon guy)...has been used to advertise subway in sum commercials..
    jared fogle is the depiction of "subway subs are dietary" as he is supposed to hv lost weight by following a regular exercising bout n subway (low fat condiments) diet...
    subway scrabble had bin recently in buzz as a contest game gng on in subway joints...
    chuck vs the (subway) footlong had been a campaign that involved buying footlongs frm subway in support of the not-so-fa,ous seies chuck...and against its boarding up as the last episode got aired...
    milford in long island is the main headquarters of subway restaurants!!!

  3. The Connect is Subway.
    Jared Fogle took the 'Subway diet'and lost tons of weight.
    Family guy and Scrabble both had tie ups with Subway for promotional events.
    HQ for subway is in Milford.
    And I'm guessing the last guy is just advertising for footlong subs.


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