Thursday, May 19, 2011

Daily Trivia #467 Pop goes the Arsenal

Cracker of a question by Pranshuman. You might just see it in seconds or take a day or two!
Crack eet guys!


  1. Brilliant one. Code words/names of atomic tests. Though I'll confess I had to google about a li'l before I could connect the dots

  2. Brilliant one. Code words/names of nuclear tests.

  3. all are the names of nuclear tests..

    "dirty" harry..the 1953 US nuclear weapons test (dirty-becoz it released a lotta fallout near St.George,Utah...)

    trinity nuclear test...the first ever nuclera weapon test carried out by US in 1945, on july 16, just before the hiroshima-nagasaki attacks...

    buddha..our very own pokaran nuclear weapon testing

    hurricane..Britain's nuclear weapon detonation operatoon carried out in western australia

    blue gerboa...france's nuclear weapon testing (named after jerboa...a rodent found in sahara...where the bomb was detonated...and after the first stripe of blue color in the french flag)

  4. Good work everyone.
    What I had in mind actually are these:
    Connect: First Nuke tests by countries.
    Clockwise from top left, read in order of image name, code word and country,
    Lightning scar-First Lightning-Russia
    Laughing Buddha-Smiling Buddha-India
    Hurricane Katrina-Hurricane-United Kingdom
    Jerboa-Bleue Gerboise-USSR


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