Monday, July 4, 2011

QFW 4 - Fashion Finale

This is the last post for QFW and it has been a great series of fashion quizzing. It made me realise there is quizzing in every category possible. Scoreboard looks all tied up at the moment. [If there are any scoring errors, please comment and tell us]. So, this post should serve as a cool tiebreaker with 100 points. No wonder than that some connects might seem a bit cryptic or on multiple levels too. We saw some new people giving answers on our questions and that's what this series was meant for. Great going. Now, to see who comes out on top, answer these:

1.  Connect. [30 points] Full description shall be most appreciated. :)

2.  This dress needs the model to strip down to bare naked and was made famous by the supermodel Giselle Bundchen. To create the dress, the company used simulation and rendering softwares like Maya. Name the dress. [10 points]

3.  Two fashion houses lost similar battles against these 2 companies [logos given]. Id the two fashion houses and the reason. [10 points]


4.  Connect to a brand. [30 points]

5. Connect to a celebrity. [20 points]

After the 4 posts of QBIT Fashion Week, as per the points tally, gold goes to abhishek, silver to vendetta and bronze to DJ! Woohoo! And as always, well done to whoever answered!
For this post particularly, the answers I was looking for were:
1. Adidas:
Adidas bought Reebok, who's original logo was the Union Jack along with the text Reebok. The characteristic 3-stripes logo of Adidas was bought from a little known Finnish company called Karhu (which means bear in Finnish) for I think 1600 dollars and 2 bottles of whiskey. Adidas has a close relationship with the band Run DMC and it also produces a Starship Trooper among other versions of Star Wars special merchandise.

2. Water Dress

3. Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana for the domain names and

4. Brook Brothers. Quoting Aprajita here, "The Brooks brother Luxottica owns this brand. Barack Obama wore their brand's clothes on the inauguration day. In the movie up in the air George Clooney wore suits of this brand. And for the oscars the brooks brothers clothed the young stars of the movie slumdog millionaire."

5. Jennifer Aniston:
She has been the brand embassador of Loreal Elvive and started off with a permanent character in the TV Show Molly. Her haircut in early seasons of Friends got famous as the Rachel Haircut (Here shown Geri Willis sporting the look). Her fragrance is called Lolavie and she dated John Mayer.



  1. 1. adidas
    england cricket team kit by adidas
    memphis grizzlies kit
    star wars adidas commercial and shoe range
    run dmc has a song my adidas

    2. water dress(awesome creativity\m/)

    3. luis vitton(for and dolce gabanna(for the battles for two letter domain names

    4. burberry

    5. jennifer aniston

  2. 5. Jennifer Aniston
    ( ..she appeared in elvive advert of loreal
    and promoted loreal hair products ...
    ..her first tv role was in series 'molloy' ...
    ..she launched the fragrance 'Lolavie Jennifer Aniston ' ...
    ...Geri Willis is shown sporting 'the rachel' haircut , jennifer anniston from friends.. )

    4. Brooks Brothers
    ( ...stars of Slumdog Millionaire were all
    dressed by Brooks Brothers for the eighty-
    first Academy Awards..
    ...George Clooney wears Brooks Brothers
    throughout the film Up in the Air and scenes
    were shot in a Brooks Brothers airport store...
    ...At his second inauguration, United States
    President Abraham Lincoln wore a coat
    specially crafted for him by Brooks Brothers.
    . . .Barack Obama wore a Brooks Brothers
    coat, scarf, and gloves during his
    inauguration in 2009.. )

    3. Louis Vuitton lost to liverpool victoria
    and Dolce and gabbana lost to dollar general.
    both companies lost out in acquiring the
    internet doamin name ( , ).

    2. water dress
    ( worn by gisele bundchen for advertising
    her footwear co. ipanema gisele bindchen )

    1. ADIDAS
    ( My Adidas is the first single from Run-D.M.C.'s(darryl mcdaniels) third album Raising Hell...
    ..its tier one sponsor of london 2012 olympics...
    ..adidas original jeremy scott brown bear ..stuffed sneakers and brown bear tshirts.. has specialised star wars collection.. )

  3. 2-water dress
    3-liverpool victoria won against louis vuitton fot thr domain name
    dollar general won against dolce and gabbana
    4-brand is brooks brothers,owned by luxottica.obama wore brooks brother during his inauguration.also worn by george clooney in the movie up in the air as well as the slumdog millionaire children cast during oscars.

  4. 2. water dress
    3. Lv and D&G for the logo thing.

  5. 4.Brooks brothers.. obama wore it to the we are one concert.. freida wore it to the oscars.. luxottica owns it.. and george clooney wore it all the time in the movie up in the air...

  6. Q3. reason revisited
    Dolce & Gabbana made the "DG" logo become an iconic symbol, but they were never able to get the matching internet address In fact, is one of the oldest Internet domains and was already registered in 1986 by the computer company Data General, now defunct. As if it was a parody was purchased in June 2010 by the US Variety Store chain Dollar General which uses a different DG logo to sell products.

  7. 2.Water dress
    4. The Brooks brother
    Luxottica owns this brand. Barack Obama wore their brand's clothes on the inauguration day. In the movie up in the air George Clooney wore suits of this brand. And for the oscars the brooks brothers clothed the young stars of the movie slumdog millionaire.
    5. Jennifer Aniston
    She acted in a commercial of Loreal elvive. The second photo is the poster of the Tv series Molloy In which she acted. And The woman is Gerrie willis who sports the famous Rachel cut, A haircut inspired by anniston's character Rachel in the series friends!

  8. 1.
    2. The Water Dress
    3. Liverpool Victoria acquired the domain name, beating Louis Vitton and Dollar General acquired beating Dolce & Gabbana.
    5. Jennifer Aniston !

  9. 1.
    2. Waterdress
    3. Dolce and Gabbana, Louis Vouitton
    5. Jennifer Aniston was spokesmodel for L’Oreal Paris
    Jennifer Aniston Fragrance
    TV series – Blossom- Jennifer Aniston as Courtney
    Gerri Willis sports the Rachel cut inspired by Jen
    Connect-‘Jennifer Aniston’

  10. 1.
    2. waterdress
    4.brooks brother
    5.jennifer aniston

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