Saturday, September 24, 2011

Brand Equity Quiz - 2011 Pune Edition

Its been raining quizzes here in Pune.The Westin hosted the Pune edition of Brand Equity Quiz,2011. Derek O Brien conducted the quiz. Ramanand has posted the questions from the prelims here. I have posted here the questions from the finals except the ones from the buzzer round. Infosys did superbly in the buzzer round to beat us and finally qualify for the National finals. Final standings for the quiz:
1st  :  Infosys                          : Pratyush and Mehul
2nd : ZS Associates                : Prabhakar (Yours truly!) and Jaipal
3rd  : Advinus Therapeutics     : Suraj Menon & Shariq
4th  : TCS                               : Abhishek and Suchir
5th  : Indira School of Business: Professors from the college!
6th  : ZS Associates                 : Bharat and Anand Vishwanathan

Round 1

1. The concept of mass distribution of condoms was introduced by an IIM graduate through which product?  
2. I you are wearing a Macfarlane, then what is it? Coat
3. If your railway reservation ticket shows the code CA over it, you have booked your ticket under which category?   Tatkal
4. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941, Woodruff declared company's wartime policy: "We will see that every man in uniform gets a bottle of _____ for five cents wherever he is and whatever it costs". Fill in the blanks.  Coke
5. Mullet is associated with which profession?  Hair Cutting
6. Tresskilling Yellow is considered as the most expensive piece of what? Postage Stamp

Round 2

1. The Vickers scale is used to define the hardness of materials. Which company uses this scale to describe one of the qualities of its product?  Rado
2. William Painter was the inventor of Crown Cork, he advised one of his friend to come up with this product which can be used by men and then thrown away. Which product? Shaving Blades
3. Mukti Dham and Moksh Bhavan in Varanasi was founded by Dalmia Charitable Trust. What are they known for?  People on the verge of death visit this place to pass off their last days
4. Cupcake, eclairs, honeycomb and gingerbread are related to what? Android
5. In USA, who are known as ambulance chasers?   Lawyers
6. Which extremely high profile person once endorsed Callaway golf clubs?   Bill Gates

Round 3

1. This is the headquarters of which company.  Boeing

2. An ad for Microsoft Azure.
3. Identify the person. Pulitzer

4. Identify the lady.  Savitri Jindal

5. What was the official name of the football used during 2010 FIFA World Cup.  Jabulani
6. Identify the ad.   Karnatka Tourism

Round 4

1. What was introduced by the Government of India on 1st April, 1957 ?  Naya Paisa
2. What is copyleft? Allowing people to copy one's content.
3. What are Pinot Noir, Sciacarcello, Schiava ? Grapes used for wines.
4. What is Shopper Lifting?  When the barcode shows up more price than it actually is.
5. What is french for small shop which caters to a specific group of customers?  Boutique
6. Which vechicles sport a pattern called 'Sillitoe Tartan' over them?  Police vehicle

Round 5

1. Which brand was founded by her grandfather?   Prada

2. Identify the voice behind a jingle. - Prasoon Joshi
3. Name the sponsors of the football club Inter Milan. Pirellli
4. The track 'Aam Aadmi' was played. Which movie based on a serial had this song?  Office Office
5. The track 'My Hometown' was played and the singer was to be identified.  Bruce Springsteen

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