Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daily Trivia #504 The Hiatus Ends

My god, it's been long since I posted! First exams, then facebook gets blocked and then Technieek's Tech Quiz takes over...but the break is over!
This one is contributed by Aditya Tyagi (2010 batch) and involves an interesting piece of trivia.
Connect and explain the middle pic.


  1. is it that ravan "train"ed ram after/before his defeat by the hands of rama??
    its ram performing the shivling pooja at rameswaram AFTER defeating ravan in lanka and returning bak by the adam's bridge (or rama setu)which got destroyed completely in recently, so the connect is either ravan trainin g rama or rama retuning bk by the rama setu...(or none of these)

  2. Probably all refer to the Adam's Bridge (Rama Setu) between India And Sri Lanka... According to mythology, Rama had prayed to Lord Shiva before building the bridge to go to Lanka and kill Ravana... The middle picture is that of a transportation service form chennai to colombo which ran uptil 1964... A train ran from Chennai up to Dhanushkodi at the Indian tip of the bridge, after which a ferry took the passengers to Sri Lanka...


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