Monday, April 2, 2012

Daily Trivia #548 Flesh and Blood

I have been (unsuccessfully) searching for a Kanti Shah interview for the past few months. My many failed endeavours led me to subscribe to the view that Kanti Shah was not a person, rather a joint venture by famous Hollywood directors (Scorcese, Spielberg and the like) to show the world the power of real (bad) cinema.
So it was naturally shocking for me to see the man himself receive this year's Lifetime Achievement Golden Kela Award and proceed to deliver a speech. So he is real.

Anyway, he may be real, but X was not. A noted mathematician, X is responsible for introducing the 'phi' symbol to denote an empty set. He also coined the terms injective, surjective and bijective. Later on, it was discovered that X was actually not a person, but a group of people writing under the name X. ID X.

PS: Remember this weird symbol in textbooks for topics that take a leap from the current topic? He introduced that too.


  1. A correction, the symbol for a null set is not the greek letter phi, rather a Norwegian letter. My bad! :P
    Thanks to PK Bhaiya for pointing out.


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