Thursday, July 12, 2012

Daily Trivia # 560 'One Director - 500,000 Producers'

connect :


  1. National Dairy Development Board - Amul and the Film Manthan.

  2. The first Logo is of National Dairy development Board, The Second pic is of Tribhovandas Patel, The third one is of Girsih Karnad.

    The conncetion Between them is that a Film "MANTHAN" The churning Directed by Shyam benegal which traces the origins of the movement based on rural empowerment in which Girish Karnad played a Young veterinary surgeon and that charecter was based on NDBB chief, Verghese Kurien Who joined Hands with Social worker Tribhovandas Patel Which led to the setting up of a local Milk coperative called Kaira district cooperative Milk producers Union


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