Friday, May 3, 2013


Q2. Connect these two images.

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Answer to the previous question:

Carol Ann Susi(TBBT): Voice of Howard's mother
Sandip Vinayak Prabhu(Bigg Boss)


Sandwalker said...

Pumpkin and Honeybunny characters from Pulp Fiction. Amit Trivedi composed the jingle for Idea using these names.

Angel Seeker said...

Idea Jingle which Amit Trivedi composed, Honey Bunny one?

Manan Bhutani said...

"The Honey Bunny ad by Idea"

The first image is a scene from the movie pulp fiction(where they address each other as honey bunny and pumpkin respectively).

The bottom image is of the composer of the jingle.

Akanksha Singh said...

idea's honey bunny song

Hippes_They're_Everywhere said...

Honey Bunny

1. Pulp Fiction characters Honey Bunny and Pumpkin
2. Amit Trivedi, composer of the jingle

Anonymous said...

connect is pumpkin pumpkin honey bunny song
composer-amit trivedi
Tim Roth was called ‘Pumpkin’ and Amanda Plummer ‘Honey Bunny' in pulp fiction
answer given by (rohit chakraborty,be/10097/2012,civil engg)

Dipesh Gogia said...

pumpkin honey bunny of pulp fiction
Amit Trivedi composed the pumpkin pumpkin honey bunny jingle of idea

Mayank Sinha said...

The Idea's Honey Bunny Song
Amit Trivedi the composer
Idea's Brand Ambassador : Junior B
Music close to Pulp Fiction

achalnorris said...

Honey Bunny
(Amanda Plummer "Honey Bunny" in Pulp Fiction and Amit Trivedi composed Honey Bunny jingle for Idea Cellular)

Vivek Verma said...

Abhishek Bachchan

the frst pic has pumpkin and honey bunny from pulp fiction... (now those words featuring in the Idea tune).. 2nd is amit trivedi.. recently visited bachchan's house after his success in Kai Po Che to pay tribute to amitabh bachchan..

matrix said...

honey bunny!!!

Axe said...

Hunny Bunny...the peaople who held the join in Pulp Ficiton...and Amit trivedis recent jig

Conquistador said...

Honey Bunny- the Idea jingle and Honey Bunny and Pumpkin were the names of Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer in Pulp Fiction


Pumpkin and Honey Bunny
1.Pulp Fiction
2.Amit trivedi-composer of idea honey bunny

@SRamOS said...

Idea Cellular
1. Pumpkin and Honey Boney in pulp Fiction
2. Amit Trivedi: music of Idea
Connection with juniorB: IDEA cellular

abishake koul said...

The first picture depicts a scene from the movie Pulp Fiction where the song Misirlou plays in background.
The second picture shows the Kaminey movie composer who composed the song Dhan Te Nan believed to be a copy of Misirlou.

the $trideR said...

Pulp fiction- Honey Bunny and Pumpkin
Amit Trivedi- Composer of Idea Honey Bunny song

Ankit Kumar said...

John Travolta

anupama said...

the connection is "honey bunny"
the guy calls d gal honey bunny in d mov pulp fiction

n the idea jingle created by amit trivedi :)

anupama said...

the connection is "honey bunny"
the gal's nickname in pulp fiction
n the idea jingle created by amit trivedi

Ankit Kumar said...

The Trashmen- Surfin' Bird

UT said...

honey bunny
amanda plummer was honeybunny in pulp fiction
amit trivedi composed the idea cellular jingle "hello honey bunny".

Shashwat Goel said...

Pic 1 - scene from Pulp Fiction where husband calls her wife by the name Honey Bunny

Pic 2 - Amit Trivedi, the music composer

Connect - The IDEA cellular ad tone Honey Bunny which was created by Amit Trivedi only.

Kr Gourav said...

pulp fiction honey bunny

Kr Gourav said...

pulp fiction honey bunny

Vishesh said...

Correct Answer : Idea 'honeybunny' jingle. Pulp Fiction scene where they call each other 'Pumpkin' and 'Honeybunny'. Amit Trivedi who composed the jingle.

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