Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MMX IV: Mightier Than Swords.

Cryptic connect(points for identifying each clue).
(You can still attempt the previous question until the answers are revealed at 7:00 pm.)


Anonymous said...

1.Poster of Lovelace(Movie), had Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner as one of the characters.
3.A picture of Harmonic intervals/Harmonics, Larry Adler was a renowned Harmonica Player.
While Hugh Hefner published the works of blacklisted writers during Joseph McCarthy's time, Larry Adler was blacklisted by McCarthy and abandoned U.S.A.
Joseph McCarthy, whose brand of dirty politics is a shameful chapter in American history, had Humpty Dumpty(like Great Fall) in the twelfth house of secrets and investigations. McCarthy did more to harm the cause of anti-communism.

Queen_of_Random said...

1. Lovelace - Linda Lovelace starred in movie 'Deep Throat'. Deep Throat was the anonymous source who broke the Watergate scandal.
2. Humpty Dumpty - 'All The President's Men' A book/movie on the Watergate scandal.
3. Washington Post March in G major - The Washington Post was an early reporter on the scandal.
4. David Frost - of Nixon interviews fame

Connect: Watergate scandal

aishwarya mishra said...

1.Linda Lovelace who starred in Deep Throat, which was also the code name for the official who hinted at Watergate Scandal
2.All the President's Men was a book by the two journalists pursuing the Watergate Scandal.The book has a reference to Humpty Dumpty.
3.The Washington Post March is shown and the Washington Post is the newspaper for which the two journalists covered the Watergate Scandal.
4.David Frost, a journalist who conducted interviews with Richard Nixon with respect to the Watergate Scandal.
The connect is the Watergate Scandal.

Anonymous said...

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Ketan Vatsalya said...

Perfect answer, Aishwarya Mishra and Queen_of_random. Kudos.

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