Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DT#622: Cryptic Hunt

Hint : End of an Era.


Apoorv Kumar said...

The BBC series Being Human coming to an end after its 5th season. This easy?

Sourabh Bhagat said...

Check Facebook post for hints.

Samyak Bahuguna said...

non profit educational website
"khan academy"
salman khan is the name of its founder

Sourabh Bhagat said...

Apoorv and Samyak : Your answers are wrong.
Khan academy is a good lead.
Use the image URL hint.

Conquistador said...

Leona Helmsley

Conquistador said...

or maybe Harry Helmsley

Sourabh Bhagat said...

Correct Answer: Craig Silverstein.
Your best friend was Google.
Craig was it's first paid employee.
Silverstein has left to join Khan Academy, an online learning site offering collaborative videos and projects.

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