Friday, October 25, 2013

DT#623: Cryptic Hunt II

P.S.: Check the facebook post of this question for hints and discussion.


Akanksha Singh said...

The good, the bad and the ugly

Samyak Bahuguna said...

THE good THE bad the worst
scene from luck by chance.
as scene starts the film poster appears
spoof of "the good ,the bad and the ugly"

Samyak Bahuguna said...

"the good the bad and the worst"
scene from Luck By chance
as scene starts the poster appears
spoof of "the GOOd the bad and the ugly"

Conquistador said...

a fistful of dollars

Conquistador said...


Samyak Bahuguna said...

dollars trilogy
1,a fistful of dollars
2.for few more dollars
3.the good the bad the ugly

Sourabh Bhagat said...

Correct Answer : The Good The bad and The ugly.
Image: A fistful of Rupees( Spoof of Fistful of dollars)
URL hint : Number Three( Last and third part of Dollars trilogy is The good the bad and the ugly)
You tube link : Tu woh tu hai-Beqabu( Song copied from The good the bad and the ugly theme)

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