Wednesday, July 2, 2014

SS #16: Communication

DR- 4/5

Connect the following. (Take hints from the specific images shown).


Shobhit Narain said...

Breaking the fourth wall, a communication technique used in movies and television shows by narrators to "break" the fourth wall and connect with audience to provide insights into their thoughts and actions.
Frank Underwood in House of Cards, Jordan Belfort in Wolf of Wall Street and the narrator in Fight Club have "broken" the fourth wall multiple number of times.

Queen of Random said...

House of Cards, Wolf of Wall Street and Fight Club all have narration styles in which the central character periodically "breaks the fourth wall" i.e., speaks directly to or otherwise acknowledges the audience through a camera.

In particular, all three do this using the dramatic device - "Aside" in which characters speak an unspoken thought aside, to the audience and which other characters do not hear.

Shrey Goyal said...

Breaking the fourth wall.

Conquistador said...

Correct answer- "Breaking the fourth wall"
House of Cards, Fight Club and The Wolf of Wall Street have frequent instances where the actors communicate directly with the audience, a process known as breaking the fourth wall.

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