Saturday, August 30, 2014

Quantum Quiz 2014

Date- 27/08/2014
Venue- LH-1
Time- 5:30 PM- 8:00 PM

The prelims had a total of 25 questions. The last 5 questions were something different- their answers were the nicks of the five current final year members of Q-BIT.

The teams which qualified were:-
1. Somanshu Barkhodia & Akshjeet Singh (2k14)
2. Mohit Bindal & Shubham Kumar (2k14)
3. Prakhar Ranjan & S. Girish (2k14)
4. Sanket Banerjee & Saurabh Sinha (2k13)
5. Rohit Chakraborty & Abhi Pandey (2k12)
6. Saumya Bora and Shobhit Narain (2k12)

Round 1: Infinite Bounce

Round 2: Amazon Round

Round 3: Challenger
This was a round with a new format. In this round, teams with a lower score could challenge any team with a higher score and choose a category. Then both of them would face the same 4 questions. Each question had a worth of 10 points and the team with the higher score gets all the points accumulated by both the teams. e.g.- If team 1 scores 40 and team 2 scores 30, team 1 gets 70 points and team 2 get 0 points.

Round 4: String Theory (Long Connect)

The final standings were:-
1st- Sanket Banerjee & Saurabh Sinha (2k13)
2nd- Rohit Chakraborty & Abhi Pandey (2k12)
3rd- Prakhar Ranjan & S. Girish (2k14)

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