Monday, June 18, 2018

Sweet Waters


  1. all 3 are eponymous tv series and film name pairs. Seven Samurai is a film as well as an anime series loosely based on it. Jeena Isee ka Naam hai was a film as well as the name of a(an unrelated) Talk Show of the 90s. Wild Wild West was a film while The Wild Wild West was a tv series.

  2. All 3 are names of a tv show as well as a film.
    Wild Wild West was a movie. The Wild Wild West was a tv series belonging ot the same franchise.
    The 7 Samurai was a movie. Also the name of an anime series
    Jeena isee ka naam hai was a 90s talk show. It was also the name of an unrelated raj kapoor movie

  3. Westworld.
    Two new worlds, Raj world(Raj kapoor) and Shogun world, were introduced in the second season of the television series.

  4. Westworld theme parks.

  5. greatest showman on earth - akira kurosawa - japan.
    raj kapoor - india

  6. All of these are parks in Westworld, the HBO TV series. The parks depicted are Westworld, Shogun World and the Raj.


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